A Power Ranking of Every Lorde Song

Pure Heroine Supremacy


As a lifelong Lorde fan, this was insanely difficult. I genuinely don’t think there’s any true “skips” on either albums, and honestly I switched the order around so many times I don’t even know if this would be my final list. Also, I decided not to include any of the remixes in this ranking. 

  1. Ribs
  2. Supercut
  3. 400 Lux
  4. A World Alone
  5. The Louvre
  6. Buzzcut Season
  7. White Teeth Teens
  8. The Love Club
  9. Tennis Court
  10. Liability
  11. Writer in the Dark
  12. Bravado
  13. Green Light
  14. Team
  15. Royals
  16. Glory And Gore
  17. Perfect Places
  18. Homemade Dynamite
  19. Hard Feelings/Loveless
  20. Sober II (Melodrama)
  21. Still Sane
  22. Sober
  23. Swingin Party
  24. Million Dollar Bills
  25. Liability (Reprise)
  26. Yellow Flicker Beat
  27. Biting Down


To explain my choices:

Ribs: Absolutely has to be #1 for me. This song really pulls on the heart strings and has a lot of sentimental value. I think a lot of Lorde fans would agree with me on this one.

Supercut: Now this may be a controversial pick. For me, Supercut and 400 Lux can be interchangeable at times, but for now I’ll leave it at #2. This is a top tier windows down, driving over the sullivans bridge at sunset song. 

400 Lux: If I was going off just the beat and overall vibe of all the songs, this would probably be a close #1. However I placed it at #3 because I enjoy the lyrics of Ribs and Supercut more. Overall I believe this to be one of her most underrated songs, easily topping fan favorites Green Light and Royals. 

A World Alone: This is another one of Lorde’s highly underrated songs. I don’t know how to explain the vibe of this song, but for me it just hits. 

The Louvre: I don’t know what it is about this song but it is up there with Supercut for my favorites off of Melodrama. 

Buzzcut Season: This may be a surprising pick to some, but the lyrics just hit differently. It’s definitely a slower vibe, but it’s one of my favorites off of Pure Heroine. 

White Teeth Teens: Similar to Supercut and 400 Lux, I think White Teeth Teens can be interchangeable with Buzzcut Season. I like the lyrics of Buzzcut season more which is why I ranked it a spot higher, but White Teeth Teens is definitely a close second.

The Love Club: This song to me, is perfect in the exact same ways that Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean is. Fun beat, with lowkey sad lyrics that are applicable to a lot of teenager’s lives. 

Tennis Court: Fun vibes. Terrific lyrics. 

Liability: This isn’t my go-to sad song but it definitely hits when I listen to it. It’s one of those songs that I forget about for a while, but then I listen to it and remember how good it is. 

Writer in the Dark: I think this song might be surprisingly low in the list to some, but I don’t really have a huge emotional tie to it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great song but I don’t think it’s better than liability, which may be a hot take. 

Bravado: Another underrated pick. 

Green Light: I’m not going to lie, Green Light was my favorite Lorde song to see in concert. Her performance was amazing and more of a  “get up and dance” type vibe than a lot of her other songs. However, even after the concert I still don’t listen to it a lot which is why it’s kind of low in the ranking.

Team: Fun fact- this is one of the first songs I added to my iPod shuffle in middle school. I don’t listen to it as much as I used to, but it’s still a banger nonetheless. 

Royals: Classic Royals. Some may be disappointed in it’s ranking, however I feel it’s justified. Yes, Royals was the song when it was released, but I listened to it almost too much when it was first released to love it now as much as I did.

Glory and Gore: I don’t have a lot to say about this song, it’s just good. 

Perfect Places: This one is in the same boat as Royals. This was the first song I heard off of the Melodrama album, and I immediately loved it, but over the years it has lost some of its sparkle.

Homemade Dynamite: Great song, just don’t listen to it that much. 

Hard Feelings/Loveless: For being a bit of a strange song, I honestly really like this one. Depending on my mood it could definitely rank higher in the list. 

Sober II Melodrama: This is another one that I honestly used to listen to quite a bit, it just kind of faded out. I think it’s a good angry song. 

Still Sane: Definitely a similar vibe to Swingin Party and Buzzcut Season, I just don’t listen to this one as much. 

Sober: Good one to dance to, but not a huge favorite. 

Swingin Party: This song definitely has a darker vibe than some of Lorde’s other songs, but it’s still good. The only reason it’s ranked as low as it is is because I barely ever listen to it. 

Million Dollar Bills: Honestly I feel like no one ever listens to this one, but it’s kind of hype. Can  be a little overwhelming though.

Liability (Reprise): Genuinely have probably only listened to this one once or twice.

Yellow Flicker Beat: For some reason this song creeps me out. Definitely not a huge fan.

Biting Down: Gives me the same vibes as Yellow Flicker Beat, the two are definitely interchangeable. 

That’s all folks, keep your fingers crossed for a new album soon.