Rating AMHS Student’s ‘Spotify Wrapped’

Each December, the popular music streaming platform, Spotify releases each individual user’s “Spotify Wrapped”, or basically a summary of the user’s most listened to artists, songs, and genres from the year. Here are some of my ratings of our own Raptor’s Spotify Wrapped reports:



  1. Eliza Taylor

To start off this list we have Eliza who, in my mind, is the queen music player. You can find her on aux at almost any event (even our wall days). I was very interested (and humbled) to even be able to view her “Spotify Wrapped” this year. As you can see, she has a very diverse list of artists she listens to ranging from Taylor Swift and One Direction, to DaBaby, to Sam Hunt. I would expect nothing less from Eliza as she is expected to have music and a playlist ready for any situation. Her top 5 songs are nothing out of the ordinary. Overall, I would give her Spotify Wrapped a 9/10 because of diverse taste and just simply because it is interesting.

2. Anna Cook

Here, another Taylor Swift #1 artist (that is to be expected though as this was a big year for Taylor). This is exactly what I would expect from Anna. Soft, yet vibey music. No scary rap. A touch of Mt. Joy. I like it. My only note would be I wish there was something with a little bit of edge on the list, but still true to Anna’s vibe, think: Frank Ocean. But overall, 8.5/10.

3. Mccabe Templeton

Mccabe’s top two exact mirror Eliza’s with ANOTHER. T Swift #1. Why are all the Magnet girls Swifties? This is very similar to Anna’s Wrapped, but with more of a country ~twang~. I, personally, am not the BIGGEST country fan in the world, but Mccabe’s Wrapped is very cohesive and has a general theme which I like. 8/10.

4. Taryn Crowley

We could all foresee that Taryn would have Harry Styles as her #1 artist and One Direction and Mac Miller close behind. If you know Taryn in person you will hear her explain her fascination with Mr. Styles (specifically his Tiny Desk performance with NPR). This is very on brand for her. 10/10.

5. Alex Hernandez

This is my favorite Spotify Wrapped on the list. I love his mix of old songs and artists from the 2010 era and new ones too. As you can see, ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5 was features¬†twice on Alex’s top songs list somehow, and I respect this choice. Also, a personal favorite of mine, ‘Like a G6’ the 2010 hit by Far East Movement, was featured which will definitely help improve Alex’s ranking. I also couldn’t help but notice he had Kendrick Lamar and Tyler the Creator in his top artists. Nice work Alex. 11/10