What Colleges Famous Celebrities Attended

and why you can literally be happy anywhere

What Colleges Famous Celebrities Attended

Hi! I think it is probably a known fact that seniors in high school are stressed.

They are stressed for a lot of reasons, but college is probably up on their list. I think the combination of being a senior and going to Magnet, where everyone is stressed pretty much all the time anyways, causes a never ending conversation of college apps, essays, and comparing scores. It is enough to make you want to drop out and move to France for a year or two. Or maybe that is just me:) I started watching Emily in Paris and I am literally obsessed.

Anyways, I decided to write a happy, stress free college article about what colleges different celebrities have gone to. The point? All of these celebrities are clearly successful now, despite the wide range of colleges, not only Ivy Leagues. I have nothing against Ivy Leagues, obviously, but I am tired of people talking bad about Clemson. I am so excited to go to the football games (and WIN), go to the beautiful lakes, and go to a school with 16,000 people. I think going to a school like Clemson is necessary in order to expand your bubble, and realize that the other types of people that exist in our giganticcccc universe.

That was quite a tangent. Back to celebrities:

John Legend: University of Pennsylvania

Carrie Underwood: Northeastern State University

Oprah Winfrey: Tennessee State University

Dwayne Johnson: University of Miami

Tom Hanks: Chabot Community College

Meryl Streep: Vassar College

Gerald Ford: University of Michigan

Kourtney Kardashian: University of Arizona

Brad Pitt: University of Missouri

Adam Sandler: New York Tisch School of the Arts

Ivanka Trump: University of PA

Miranda Cosgrove: University of Southern California

Bridgit Mendler- University of Southern California

Dylan and Cole Sprouse- New York University

Celebrities who did not attend college: (not that I am recommending this necessarily, but thought some good perspective would be good for those of us who think what college you go to is the end all be all happily ever after)



-Katy Perry

-Emma Stone

-Daniel Radcliffe

Moral of the story? Apply to college yes:) Look for the colleges that you think will benefit you the most yes:) But clearly, as shown by my list of celebrities, a school alone does not have the ability to make you successful, achieve your dreams, became a millionaire, bla bla bla. It is the person. Meaning you.

Soooo final inspiration: put down the college app seniors. live your life. and please try to stop comparing scores and grades or I might go crazy. Thanks a lot!

-anna ridgeway