Counting Down the Absolute Best moments in Friends

through all ten seasons:)

Today I wanted to share my opinion with y’all on the best moments of the best show in existence: Friends! Between Rachel’s flair for drama, Monica’s obsessiveness, Joey’s sweetness, Ross’ 10 + year crush on Rachel, and Chandler’s awkwardness, there is something that everyone can relate to!! I will be counting down what I believe to be the 5 best moments in Friends, through all 10 seasons.


best moment # 5: Season 5, Episode 3: The One Hundredth

-After giving birth to her brother and his wife’s triplets, Phoebe proclaims to Rachel that she wants to keep one of them

-she states, like it is the most obvious thing in the world, that her brother doesn’t really need three babies

-after having been shut down by Rachel, the scene switches to just Phoebe and her babies, where she talks to them about being the “fun aunt” in the future

-this is one of the few times in all ten seasons that the viewers see Phoebe as being truly sad


best moment # 4:  Season 5 Episode 2: The One with all the Kissing    

-this episode is placed while Monica and Chandler are secretly dating

-Chandler kisses Monica goodbye in front of everyone, forgetting to keep it a secret

-in order to keep them from getting suspicious, he proceeds to kiss each of the girls goodbye when he leaves through the rest of the episode

-they are (understandably) very confused and wonder if he picked up this strange habit in London




best moment # 3: Season 2, Episode 14: The Prom Video

-Phoebe explains how lobsters are like soulmates, “It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life” when describing why Ross and Rachel are soulmates

This quote is classic Phoebe, she acts as if it is a well-known fact while the gang stares are her blankly. Thanks for the continual optimism Phoebe!



best moment #2: Season 1, Episode 1: The Pilot          

-there isn’t any particular moment that makes this episode stand out,                       

but I always love the first episodes more than anything else

-consists of the iconic scene where Rachel runs into the perk while still wearing her wedding dress

-watching Rachel attempt to get a job and become independent from her dad’s money shows such character development that it had to be on the list:)




The Amazing, Show Stopping, Spectacular, #1 moment:

Season 3, Episode 9: The One with the Football

-this episode is my absolute favorite because every character’s actions

in it reflect their personality so well.

-also it is cold and fall, which automatically bumps it up like 3 levels

-considering these episodes are only 20 minutes, it is extremely impressive how much this single episode manages to packs in

-since it is thanksgiving, the gang decides to play a game of touch football

-Ross and Monica take what could be a friendly game and turn it into a super competitive game that lasts for hours

-Joey and Chandler fight over the attention of a girl, who ultimately decides that she doesn’t want either of them lol