Recapping Girls Volleyball Senior Night

The senior girls bump, set, and spike their way to a win!

Hey Raptorsssssssss, Anna and Mary here! Last week, we decided to go to the senior night volleyball game in support of our senior girls: Madeline Nguyen, Evelyn Otis, Mary Katherine Kerrigan, and Molly Tippey. They played Hanahan High School and after four suspenseful matches- three wins and one loss- they ended up on top. Before the game began, Mrs. Pinckney read short speeches prepared by the girls’ teammates and families that highlighted each of their academic, athletic, and social accomplishments. Each of the girls were walked out onto the court by their respective family members and were cheered on by their fans, both students and parents.


Below are a few photos we took before, during, and after the game. Disclaimer: it is extremely difficult to get focused pictures on moving girls:)


2020-21 AMHS Varsity Volleyball Team roster:

#3 Lily Coulter- sophomore 

#4 Mary Katherine Kerrigan- senior

#7 Regan Brown- junior

#8 Claudia Rose Perkis- junior

#9 Madeline Nguyen- senior 

#10 Molly Tippey- senior

#11 Evelyn Otis- senior

#12 Bailey Phelan- junior

#14 Destiny Vinsno- junior

#16 Anna Hope Jordan- sophomore