“The Boys” of TikTok – The Best

The Boys of  TikTok - The Best

Ah yes, TikTok: a place where a new boy every month becomes the subject of countless fan edits, audios, and even homemade crafts where people make life-size cardboard cutouts of them. Here is my ranking of some of the recent boys that have been the obsession of many in recent months (but then again, my ranking is not to be taken as fact because I’ve been told I have “bad taste” in men).


5. “Sway House” Boys

These boys include the heartthrobs of every 13 year old girl (Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson, Kio Cyr, Quinton Griggs, Anthony Reeves, Noah Beck, and of course, Bryce Hall). These boys are labeled as classic “party animals” and often run into many scandals because of their frat boy personality. To note, recently, two Sway House members have run into problems with law enforcement for not following social distancing guidelines as the hosts of massive parties.

4.  Harry Styles

Most people know this singer from his start in the world famous band, One Direction. After their break in 2015, Harry Styles became a single artist with millions of streams and records sold. The TikTok community became even more fascinated with Styles after fan edits of him became even more widespread. People who were not original One Direction fans began to obsesses over Styles, and his fanbase grew.

3. Timothée Chalamet

Disclaimer: Chalamet is actually on the “outs” right now with the girls of TikTok after photos of him emerged with a girlfriend, but he still makes the list because people were very obsessed with him (the die-hard fans still are, don’t worry Timothée). He got his big break starring in the Academy Award winning film, “Call Me By Your Name” in 2017. He dropped out of Columbia University in order to pursue acting (don’t really want to know what his parents said to that one). He is showcased in millions of fan-edits and videos, most notably with the background music of Melanie Martinez’s song, “Play Date”.

2. Barron Trump

One of the most puzzling on the list is Donald Trump’s son, Barron. After a Roblox account got leaked that was rumored to be Barron’s (but proven to belong to someone else) that showcased him as a shy boy just “looking for friends”, a theory emerged about his secret political views and desire to get away from his father (this might not be as much of a conspiracy as originally thought based on photos of the two together). Tiktok, after all, is an echo chamber for conspiracy theories . For days, my entire “for you page” (or as the experts call it, a “fyp”) centered around photos of Barron Trump wearing swanky outfits and towering over everyone around him (he is rumored to be at least 6’7). #savebarrontrump was trending on multiple social media platforms as the cause spread. A narrative became popular that he would be the kid who would “wait for you to throw away your trash at lunch while everyone headed back to class” or that he would “ask you to repeat yourself while everyone else talked over your story and didn’t care”.  As for these things about him being true, we don’t really know. He lives such a sheltered life from the media that we don’t know much about him.

  1. Draco Malfoy

Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I love this man (and Harry Potter in general but that’s an article for a different time). People usually think of Malfoy as being the “bully”, which isn’t wrong, but I like to call his comments he makes towards “Pottah” his own unique ~attitude~. Now for this one, I’m not quite sure why he suddenly got ultra popular again; the movies came out in the late 90s/early 2000s, but it has spurred a resurgence in Harry Potter obsessions among teenagers. Stores like Ulta are coming out with more Harry Potter collections (which in a lot of stores are already sold out). These posts on TikTok have brought Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter to a larger audience who, unfortunately, all claim they are Slytherin just so they can be classified in the same house as Malfoy (I’m a real Slytherin though so this makes me very angry).

Honorable Mention: @collinb963 how could i forget