Best places for take-out: QUARANTINE EDITION

A bit of normalcy.

This current quarantine is affecting a lot of things, but it should not affect the one thing that matters most: Food. There are numerous small restaurants, chains, and grocery stores still open for business to aid and guide people through this tough time. Below are a few that might spark some kind of interest, and might be located near you!

Mount Pleasant 

Wood & Grain: This is a fairly newer restaurant to Charleston, just a few years old, but it is AMAZING. Last weekend my family ordered takeout from Wood & Grain and to say they were welcoming and efficient is an understatement. They have a raw bar with dishes like oysters and tuna with avocado which are both great. The pizzas they have are all so flavorful and unique. A personal favorite of mine is called The Opal. 10/10 would recommend. 


Basil: Another place we have ordered takeout from during quarantine is Basil. Basil’s Thai food is very well known and never disappoints. Stellar dishes from there include but are not limited to- the Chicken Fried Rice, the Basil Duck, Gyoza, and the Chicken Coconut Soup. Basil will leave you feeling full, and you will no doubt have leftovers for days to come. Plus, they leave your takeout order outside on a table with your name on it so there is no human contact at all, ensuring extra safety from germs.



Oku: Sushi is on the lighter side so a meal from Oku should not leave you feeling overly full. I have yet to try a roll from Oku that I didn’t like. While all of them are vastly different from each other, they are similar in the sense that they are packed with flavor. It’s also fun to have a few people each try a different roll and then share because then you get the best of many worlds and you don’t have to narrow down their long list of sushi rolls to just one. 


Lewis Barbeque: Lewis is the place to order for the whole extended family. They have great prices for bulk orders of their meats. Their sides are not to be forgotten either. The mac and cheese from Lewis’ is arguably one of the best mac and cheeses I have had in Charleston and their beef brisket literally melts in your mouth. Not to mention that the staff (sprinkled with some AMHS alumni and current students) is ever so helpful and always in a cheery mood.


Stay tuned for the next article for take-out recommendations in West Ashley and James Island!