The Bachelor Season 24 Finale: Peter’s Flying Solo

“The most dramatic season finale yet” has come to an end. Rip Peter.

I told you I’d be back. This time, Mr. Weber is about to leave the loving wings of ABC and the whole Bachelor network. Chris Harrison is riling up Bachelor Nation live and is ready to uncover Peter’s future. Previously, Hannah Ann and Madison were the 2 girls left (goodbye Victoria F.). Along with the rest of the world, I wanted 2 things from this finale: to see the winner and to figure out who Barbara, Peter’s mother, was talking about in the teaser we’ve seen since the first episode. Mostly the latter, however (and more on Barb later!). 

Here’s the Lowdown

Madison and Peter at the live showing of the finale. also i really love that dress

Hour 1 of 4 begins and Peter’s family arrives in Australia. It’s not even the pretty part. It’s the middle of the desert. Overall, ABC has not done well with its filming locations. I’d be pretty disappointed if I were on the cast. Anyways, Peter has to consult his family on their opinions of the girls, which turns into a nice family meeting on Peter’s personal life. I mean, things are getting real personal real quick.

Eventually, Hannah Ann gets to finally meet the Webers. At first, there’s some questioning about the relationship, which seems to be pretty surface level. I can’t blame them, though; it is The Bachelor. Overall, the whole family really likes her–maybe even a little too much.

After a while of talking with each other, Madison’s next to reunite with Peter’s family, whom she had already met during the first one-on-one of the season. Right off the bat, his parents seem to be skeptical of Madi and Peter’s differences, and boy do we see that later. Much to my dismay, it’s not looking too good, but Madison was already uneasy going into this night. It’s kinda all downhill from here. 

Both girls are gone and all hell breaks loose. Barb is going crazy, scream crying the notorious line, “bring her home!!!!” Finally! It’s Hannah Ann she was talking about all this time! That was a plot twist for sure. Peter finally calms his deranged mother down and makes a decision for himself. Thank God. As we all know, every child will go the complete opposite way of their parent’s wants, so naturally, Peter is set on Madison. Like I said, it’s all downhill. 

They go on a date to some large rock where Madison breaks up with him. She says she’s done with the show and is gone. She is actually leaving. Now, I really didn’t see that coming. It’s now Hannah Ann’s turn and he basically tells her that he’s in love with Madison. Hannah Ann seems kinda done with it, too. She definitely doesn’t seem amused anymore, but granted, I would be, too. At this point, I feel bad for her; it has to be a 2-way street, ya know? This is where ABC leaves us, wondering what will happen to Madison and if Hannah Ann will be the future Mrs. Weber. 

THE dress

It’s now night 2 of the finale and we’re back in the bayou of Australia where Peter seems like he is trying to convince himself of this engagement…ahhh yes, young love! Meanwhile, Miss Hannah Ann is persuading herself, as well: she’s having some concerns, which I didn’t expect to come from her. She convinces herself to go, where she comes down in a long, white-ish dress in stilettos (really…come on, ABC). Nonetheless, Peter’s on 1 knee, proposal, blah, blah, blah. They are engaged!! Woooohoooo!!! 

A long month later, the happy couple is back together, where (long story short) Peter ends the engagement! Hannah Ann, respectively, goes off at Peter. He gave her false hope and wasn’t honest with her. Peter just wanted to win the game that is The Bachelor and it really backfired on him. This moment was pivotal for Hannah Ann because she finally put Peter in his place. Moments later at the live show, she goes off even more. Here are some great lines Hannah Ann fed Peter:

“That’s called being blindsided, Peter.”

“I told you that I would stay by your side even if it killed me. It has to be 50/50.”

“So word of advice, if you wanna be with a woman, you need to become a real man.”

Afterwards, everyone finds out that Chris Harrison flew down to Auburn, Alabama to see Madison. Without Peter knowing. He’s all like, “do you love Peter?” And she’s all like, “yeah, I think so.” And then he’s all like, “do you want a second chance?” Madi is back and I’m not mad at all.

Cut to the live show and Madison is there seeing Peter for the first time in a while. Barb is quite unhappy about this, which is made obvious by her frequent and inappropriate glares. Madi and Peter then decide, with Chris Harrison’s help, that they are going to take things from there. Of course, Barb’s going OFF, throwing anything and everything directly at Madison. What happened to subtlety?!? Madison’s refutes are classy but strong, but I don’t see Barb changing her opinions either way. I’m proud of Madison for sticking up for herself, especially to this devil of a woman. Overall, I hate Barb with a passion. She is on national television hating on her future daughter-in-law AND casually talking about her son’s intimate life. There are lines, people, ones that need to be drawn. 

Final Thoughts

While Peter and Madison’s love story was the one I was cheering for the entire season, ultimately, it would not last. Just 3 short days after Tuesday’s finale, they both came to Instagram to reveal their separation. I’m kinda offended that I was so invested in a season that wasn’t going to last, but it is what it is. I don’t hate Peter that much (probably less than the average person), but I definitely liked him a lot more in the beginning of the season. I’m still a big fan of Madison and Hannah Ann, and I hope they’re both doing well after all of this drama.

Peter (left) and Madison’s (right) announcements from Instagram

Overall, I’ll give season 24 a 6/10. Pretty good cast and nothing crazy nor insane. ABC’s choice in destinations was subpar, and some of the girls were too much to handle (Alayah and Victoria F, I’m looking at y’all). This season could have ended a lot better, but it is what it is. Yolo. At least they all got more followers and verified on Instagram, including you, Mr. Weber. Hopefully he can find some planes to fly since Delta probably will not want to rehire a TV personality. I guess he didn’t find his co-pilot after all 🙁