Ranking of Noah Centineo Movies

All opinions are my own

Noah Centenio made his debut in the 2009 film Golden Retrievers and has been slowly climbing his way to fame ever since. Starring in roles such as Dustin in the Disney Show Austin and Ally and Jake T. Austin’s less talented replacement as Jesus in the drama The Fosters, Noah Centineo has now officially almost “made it” in the world of Hollywood. Anytime Netflix is in need of a somewhat attractive jock to play the lead male love interest, Noah Scented-mayo seems to appear. Not only is Centenio one of the most popular Netflix actors, he also has won one Teen choice award Choice Comedy Movie Actor, and People’s Choice Award winner for favorite comedic movie actor where he gave one his famous perplexing inspirational speeches “it matters not what you’ve done, but what you do with what you’ve done for others”. Overall, many can agree that Noah Centineo movies are hard to watch. After watching each one I wonder if the movies would have been better with a more talented male lead, but I really don’t know. The acting is terrible, the plot is never realistic or easy to follow, yet we still keep coming back for more. Despite the lack of humor in his movies, the amount of cringe makes them borderline comedic. Below is my ranking of the best of the worst (they are all bad) Noah Centineo movies, from unbearable to almost tolerable.

6. SPF 18 → This movie was released before Centineo grew more popular, so it’s one of the least popular. I watched this movie solely to see if it was worth being in this ranking and concluded that it barely did. This movie features a very predictable plot centered around a love triangle and is by far one of the worst acting performances of Centineo’s career. I lost interest 10 minutes in and would not recommend it.

5. Swiped → On a lonely Saturday while I was home alone, this movie was in my Netflix recommendations. Seeing that Leigh-Allyn Baker (Amy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie) was in it, I gave it a chance. I have now lost all trust in Netflix for suggesting this movie to me. The plot is painful. Centineo’s character enlists the help of his nerdy college roommate to develop a hookup app centered around helping frat boys find one night stands. Completely unexpectedly, things get out of control. Not only is Centineo’s acting hard to watch, but his character is also irritable and rude and provides a film with absolutely no character to root for. 

4. Sierra Burgess is a Loser → Surprisingly, Centineo’s presence in this film is not the main reason why it’s terrible. This movie genuinely made me angry by the time it was finished but was one of Centineos best performances as an actor. SBIAL essentially has the takeaway that if you are insecure about yourself, it’s ok to catfish someone into falling in love with you for your personality. In the movie, Sierra befriends Veronica, a popular cheerleader to catfish Jamey (Centineo) by using Sierra’s personality and voice to attract him, but Veronica’s appearance. The plot could have gone somewhere if it wasn’t for a scene glorifying an act of sexual assault, and the resolution of Sierra and Jamey living happily ever after once she is exposed for catfishing him, which is totally unrealistic. Sierra Burgess is the female version of Joe Goldberg, yet she is seen as the protagonist.

3. To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love YouAfter the hype around To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, I was looking forward to the release of the sequel. Of course, it’s not nearly as good as the first. Within the first ten minutes, I was cringing especially at the scene where Lara Jean says “I’ve never been a girlfriend before, I hope I’m good at it”. The storyline is weird and of course, unrealistic, and focuses on Lara Jean choosing between a perfectly fine boyfriend (Centineo) and a random boy from grade school who spontaneously reappears. This movie lacks plot twists and is anticlimactic so I could only watch 20 minutes at a time before getting bored. It ranks higher than the other movies only because the first movie was so good. 

2. The Perfect Date → for a plot summary, read the one for Swiped. These films could have easily been combined to make one movie with a bigger budget and better cast (Laura Murano and Camila Mendes have prominent roles in this film). The Perfect Date ranks higher than Swiped because Centineo’s character is slightly more charming and relatable and the plot is more appealing to the young teenage audience that typically follows Centineo’s movies. Although the movie glorifies a male high school escort which  Centineo refers to as a “chaperone”, his character is basically a role model as he is willing to do anything necessary to achieve his dreams of attending Yale.

1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved BeforeI really don’t hate this one, seriously. In fact, I’ve even seen it more than once. This movie ranks as number one because the plot isn’t actually bad. Based on the books by the talented Jenny Han, this movie follows Laura Jean Covey’s (Lana Condor) struggle after having to do damage control when her love letters are mailed to all of the boys she’s had feelings for before. The plot is unique and dynamic. It’s easy to root for Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky (Centineo) to end up together because their characters are likable. Out of all of the Centineo movies, this one actually has funny and realistic high school elements with an interesting plot and somewhat charismatic cast.