Inside Charleston’s Priciest Real Estate


Charleston’s real estate market has been likened to the most complex and confusing house market in America. Unlike many cities across the nation, Charleston is bound by water on three sides, making the available land for real estate finite. In this article, I explore the most expensive pieces of property currently on the market and why their price tags are so hefty.

32 Legare: $15 M

32 Legare from the side

The most expensive house on the market right now, 32 Legare is drastically overpriced in my opinion. I am aware though that the People’s Building penthouse on Broad just went into contract for $12 M, setting a new record for Charleston and making this expensive real estate price more tangible. While this house is definitely beautiful, it does not seem very livable for a family to me.

32 Legare’s living room

29 Legare: $12.5 M

Thin but tall

Another Legare residence, this house seems overpriced to me as well. Its neighbor, 23 Legare, just sold for $9.25 M, which I think is a much nicer house. 29 Legare has a big yard and almost eight thousand square feet, which are nice amenities for the future inhabitants. I wish the sellers luck in this endeavor, as it has already been on the market for over a year.

I don’t really like it. It looks like a house in I’On.”

— Simone Kavarana

69 Church: $10 M

Georgian beauty

This is an amazing house, hands down, and I believe it is worth every dollar of its listing price. It has a great location on one of Charleston’s top streets, and I love the arched windows on the carriage house. It was written up in the Wall Street Journal last weekend, so I have a feeling it will do well on the market.

69 Church’s beautiful carriage house

3561 Legareville: $7.8 M

Johns Island vibes

This house is on Johns Island, and I really like its modern design and scenic surroundings. Any real estate agent will tell you “location, location, location,” and Johns Island is unlikely to appeal to high end buyers because of this.

Modern black and white interior

This house is also located on an eighty acre lot, which is definitely a bonus for buyers looking for a more farmesque experience.

Eighty acres of fun

117 Broad: $7.5 M

The Governor’s House hotel

Also known as the Governor’s House, 117 Broad boasts a modest twelve bed and thirteen bath due to it being a hotel. I am not crazy about the design, but this would be a fun vacation house to have if you redid the interior and brought your extended family. It is not likely to sell soon.

Gubernatorial Interior

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