Best and Worst Dressed: SAG Awards Review

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The SAG Awards are the Screen Actors Guild Awards and they are held every year in January. The nominations and awards are given out based on memorable and breathtaking performances on TV shows and films. Our favorite part of award shows are the outfits that come down the carpet, so we have compiled a list of (in our opinion) the best and worst dressed at the SAG Awards from January 19th, 2020. 




Best Dressed: 

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez’s look was jaw-dropping. Everything about it screams elegance and class. From the draped off the shoulder top to the extravagant bow on the back of the dress, J-Lo killed this. Her choice of jewelry complemented her skin tone and dress beautifully. Not to mention that this queen is 50 years old- not allowing her age to subdue her ability to absolutely BRING IT in front of every camera she encounters. We all wish we had a J-Lo in our lives. 






Camila Mendes 

Riverdale’s raven beauty Veronica Lodge, Camila Mendes, looked magical at the SAG Awards. This was her first appearance after splitting with her co-star Charles Melton and if she is trying to make herself look like the one that got away, she’s doing a dang good job of it. She looks like a true princess. Disney add her to the list. Her dress was designed by Ralph and Russo and even features a graceful cape that billowed out behind her when she walked. 100/10 Princess Camila. 








Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson was reportedly feeling ill the Friday before the awards, but not to fear- Armani had her looking like she dropped down from heaven to say hey. Despite feeling under the weather, Scarlett showed up for her two nominations serving looks. Her beautiful turquoise satin gown was embellished with diamond straps featuring a plunging neckline and draping at the waist. She topped off her look with a bold red lip leaving us with nothing else to say except: Regal. Well done, Ms. Johansson. 







Jennifer Aniston

50 years old. We bet you all are wondering how. We are too. Friends star Jennifer Aniston never fails to look at least 20 years younger than she actually is. She showed that it does not need to be over the top and in your face to make the best dressed list. Designed by Christian Dior, this form fitting mermaid slip gown highlights all of her curves excellently. The gather detail into a sash on the hip adds a little flare while still keeping the simplicity of the look. Keep on impressing the world, Jennifer.







Cynthia Erivo

Cynthia Erivo wearing Shiaparelli is the embodiment of drama and color. This dress is amazingly colorblocked. The hot pink and red color combination compliment each other in a way that not many other people could pull off. The strapless neckline is effortless and extremely flattering. She can reuse this look as well for a Valentine’s Day dinner. The way Erivo wore this seemed effortless and she carried herself with such great poise and ease- she might as well have floated down the carpet. 




Worst Dressed: 

Cara Buono


I’m sorry, what is this? In our opinion, feathers are a commitment. You either take feathers and can run with them, or you can grab a handful from the school art room and hot glue them onto your tool dress. While the shape and color of the dress without all these feathery things aren’t horrible, we are left with the only thought that is: what in the heck is thrown all over it?? With a hint of sparkly zebra stripes to the flimsy black feathers thrown on the dress – this look would’ve been a flop no matter what decade. Cara, we’re sorry to whoever did this to you.







Winona Ryder

Ohhhh, Winona. We do applaud you for taking a risk, going for the whole pantsuit trend, however, we feel you have missed the mark. The whole gist of a sophisticated pantsuit is the PANT part of it. Winona Ryder and her designer seems to have been torn between a gown and a suit and couldn’t decide which. The gown is from the Dior Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2018 Collection, and we hate to be this way, but it is just so two years ago. 







Patricia Arquette

Sorry, Patricia! She looks like a villain in this unflattering pantsuit. Flare pants- yes cool trendy, but paired with an oversized blazer with black lapels? The contrast is a bit much for the average eye and the fit overall just seems to be missing the mark. We bet she’s wearing some sick shoes but they’re not able to be seen because she forgot to get her pants hemmed. A little too Mad Hatter-like for our taste. We see the effort girl. Better luck next time. 









Gwendoline Christie 

Sweet, sweet Gwen. Why did you do this?