Poetry with Elan and Emily


Painting by Joan Miro

You are here now to experience some life-changing poetry lol. It may not actually be life changing but we think it is pretty good. These poems are going to be very different from content to syntax to structure. We aren’t going to tell you who wrote which poems. We suppose it is up to you to guess who wrote what ūüôā








the shadows cast off my body by the glowing sun

are merely the allusion of what i am 

to live in someone’s shadow¬†

would be a hard thing to do

for a shadow says nothing

of what is inside someone’s soul

it merely defines what we appear like on the outside

 so to be judged by how 

we appear seems greatly unfair

for it is what is inside

that will never wither with age.


Some say the Earth is round, 

Others say it’s flat.

I say the world is

Wherever you are at ūüôā




love is a beautiful but fragile thing

 just like a rose it must be 

nurtured and valued in order for it to grow

 love is also pain

 just like the thorns of a rose, 

beauty often masks pain

 and if love is not pursued 

it will wither away and die

 beautiful things meet tragic ends.


The Earth is round,

The moon is flat,

For it is cheese,

And that is that.




we are all humans. 

if you peel back the skin of injustice

heavy with the prejudice of those

too blind to see past their own eyes

that lay heavy with hate


we all breathe the same air

that is polluted with our ignorance


we all love and we all hate


we stand together and alone

as our fears form pools in our eyes

that spill over like a dam of inhibitions

coating our cheeks with our dreams of safety


we hold ideas that may never be heard


just beyond our reach

a humanity we have failed to see


Sonnet 1

I had a car and it was quite lovely,

Of course, it was a car made out of plastic,

But it could drive faster than you could see,

It zoomed around and I thought it was sick.

It had a racetrack and I used it so,

For racing cars was one of my passions,

But came a day when it would cease to go,

It seemed as though it had lost its rations.

I cried and cried and cried and cried,

And also brought it to the mechanic,

He tried and tried and tried and tried,

But all he could do was make me panic.

Alas, the next week I was in to blocks,

And I crushed my hot wheels with some large rocks.

Botox and Cigarettes

we inhale the air permeated with the thick smog of imperfection

doting on our unrealistic goals of superficial beauty

taught that we need perfection 

in order to reach acceptance

ugly and discolored lungs filled with cancerous smoke

covered by distorted skin and silicone

skin that is a farce and yet hauntingly beautiful

the outside remains seemingly unchanging with age

but it is a short lived beauty 

when the unlovely inside destroys it all

with its disease and blackened condition


Ode to a Wall

Big, blank, and boring,

Is what others may say,

But I can’t help adoring,¬†

The wall that’s in my way.


You stand there tall; unwavering,

Like a mountain isn’t the day,

I can’t help adoring,¬†

The wall that’s in my way.


Hard, silent, dividing,

Romeo and Juliet (JŇę-lńď-ńĀ (French))

I can’t help adoring,¬†

The wall that’s in my way.


You taste like food of a king,

You smell of a Caribbean day,

I can’t help adoring,

The wall that’s in my way.


Big, blank, and boring,

Is what others may say,

But I can’t help adoring,¬†

The wall that’s in my way.



as my hope withers i cry 

through the cage

hoping that someone 

will hear my desperation 

i worry that i will forever be alone 

without a soul to carry me through 

the misery i have afflicted myself

 swallowing me into a hopeless abyss

 forever afraid of this sickening depression 

mourning the innocent person i was

 the person i tragically lost in my own obsession 

worry consumes me like unending waves

 sucking me in where i will never escape.

The Lonely Road

Here I 

Am, all alone,

Walking the lonely road,

Once more, there is no one here to help,

Just me.


It’s not

The first time, and

It will not be the last,

An introvert with no good friends,

Just me.


To fight

The battle, by

Myself, it will be hard

To prevail against my foes,

Just me.


It’s not

Always idyll,

At times I get lonely,

At times I break down and I cry,

Just me.


As I 

Am pushed closer

To great hysteria,

I remember the better days,

Just me.


As a

Child, I would

Have my make believe friends,

Solitary and quite content,

Just me.


But now,

No one would dare

Associate with me,

I am walking the lonely road,

Just me.