The Bachelor Is Back

Warning: this article contains spoilers about the first 2 episodes of season 24 of The Bachelor

ABC’s The Bachelor has finally returned and season 24 seems promising. Peter Weber, 28, is “back to take his search for true love to new heights,” following last season’s Bachelorette loss. As a California native, Peter followed in his parents’ footsteps to become a pilot for Delta Air Lines after attending Baylor University. After having his heart broken by bachelorette Hannah Brown, Peter is now ready for a second chance of finding love. The episode was worth watching every minute. If you were not able to catch the premiere, here is a condensed version of what went down.

The January 6th, 3 hour premier was predictable: 30 girls attempting to make casual-but-cute-but-also-bold entrances while managing to catch Peter’s eye. The episode began with Peter explaining how Hannah broke his heart by choosing Jed (and then Tyler) over him, but claimed that he has hope for finding his future wife through this process, as every bachelor in Bachelor history has said. With the powerful narrations of Chris Harrison, the rest of the season was teased with brief spoilers, including Peter receiving some shocking news right before the final rose ceremony.

Peter and the future bachelor, Chris Harrison

As one of the best seasons in Bachelor history begins, here are our initial thoughts.

As predicted, the number of windmill and pilot references was overwhelming. Despite the lack of originality among the majority of the contestants, Peter handled it well, and seemed genuinely excited about getting to know the contestants. First of all, 3 of Peter’s love interests are flight attendants, which we personally think is a little much. If we had to guess, just being in the same business as the bachelor won’t get them very far. Besides this setup by ABC, there is a wide array of careers: attorney, cattle rancher, fashion blogger, nurse, foster parent recruiter and of course, Miss Texas 2019 (didn’t they learn their lesson last season?).

We have found there to be many girls from Texas and Chicago, which is equally strange. Couldn’t ABC get more of a variety? To take it to another level, one of our Chicago natives, 27-year-old Kelley, had actually met Peter before. Ahh yes, what a coincidence. Also, Kelley cheated on the first ever group date, which says something…not a fan to say the least.

Most people knew of Hannah B’s return to the show, but didn’t know exactly when. Lo and behold! On. The. First. Episode. Hannah walks out of the limo. This, of course, created turmoil in the house, but we don’t blame the girls. Originally, she was just coming to bring Peter his wings back, which was sweet. But then, she came back again for the 2nd group date and Peter even asked Hannah if she would join the house, which she said she would consider it. Personally, we’re not fans of Hannah Brown’s appearance on Peter’s season. It’s not fair to him nor the contestants. Hopefully, she stays back in Alabama, but with her ABC contract, that’s unlikely.

The first impression rose was given to Hannah Ann,  family-oriented model from Knoxville, Tennessee. Of course, everyone was jealous, but specifically, Mykenna. We think she will be the center of the drama this season. Soon after was the first rose ceremony. Out of our 30, Avonlea, Eunice, Jade, Jenna, Katrina, Kylie, Maurissa and Megan were the first to leave. Madison received the first one-on-one, where she got to witness Peter’s parents’ vow renewal, which might be an advantage when it comes to hometowns. In the second episode, Peter even said his parents love her…you go girl.

Fast forward to the second episode where viewers got to witness Kelsey. The champagne incident was too much, ABC. We believe that Hannah Ann didn’t know it was Kelsey’s champagne, because how could she? Also, we think it is comical that Peter had to chat with Kelsey after the group date rose was given to Victoria F. This is not school, girls. Next week’s episode preview even showed the drama continuing. Can they not drop it?

Peter Weber, the Bachelor

Aside from Kelsey and Hannah Ann’s moments, I (Kaki) got to see a positive change in Victoria F, who was not my favorite at the premier. The Revolve group date was to die for, as any girl would probably sell an organ to get all of those clothes, so good job producers! It also opened Victoria F up to the audience, which was probably staged, but made her more vulnerable and more relatable.

Kaki’s Week 2 Top Picks:

  1. Victoria P.
  2. Madison
  3. Hannah Ann

Susannah’s Week 2 Top Picks:

  1.  Madison
  2.  Victoria P.
  3.  Victoria F.

All in all, we have seen better, but we have also seen worse. I think the whole world is in love with Peter Weber and that is the sole reason we are investing 100% into this show. Hopefully, they will get over the champagne and real drama will happen, which it seems like will. Stay tuned to The Talon for more updates to this season of The Bachelor and don’t forget to watch it every Monday at 8PM on ABC.