Top 4 Scientific Discoveries of 2019

Did you know this?

Every year many discoveries are made in the scientific field that go unbeknownst to the general public. These scientists devote their entire life to the gaining of knowledge in a certain field and people do not even give them recognition. Here is a list of the biggest scientific discoveries in 2019:

1. First Ever Picture of a Black Hole

A black hole is not really even a hole. It is an object with a large amount of mass packed into a tiny amount of

This is the first picture of a black hole.

space. All of this mass packed together creates a gravitational pull that an object can not escape once something gets in it. Light can not even escape this vacuum. This past April in 2019, the first picture of a black hole was taken. Scientists have seen the readings and vibrations that come from the black hole. Since light can not escape the pull of the black hole, taking a picture of one has been difficult. The picture that is shown is from M87 and it is a picture of the shadow of it. Large black holes accumulate bright disks of gas and this is what allowed the picture to be taken of M87. Overall, it is a breakthrough in science to be able to see a black hole face to face.

A picture from the video taken in 2019. In this picture, the white thing at the bottom is the camera and one can see the giant squid investigating it.

2.  Second Ever Video of a Giant Squid

In June of 2019, the second footage of a giant squid alive was taken. There have been pictures taken of giant squid or
people have seen dead ones, but it is extremely rare to get footage of a live one. There has only been one other instance of this occurring. The video was taken off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and it is the first sighting of a giant squid in US waters. The video was recorded by a deep-sea camera designed to look like a jellyfish. In the video, the giant squid comes up to the camera, and then he reaches out with his tentacle to touch the camera. Then, when he releases the camera is not food, he retreats back into the depths of the water.

This is an image of the Ebola vaccine being administered to a patient.

3. Ebola Virus Vaccine

Everybody remembers the Ebola crisis back in 2014, but many people do not know that this year scientists may have discovered 2 possible cures. These 2 treatments are called REGN-EB3 and mAB-114. The treatments are filled with antibodies that are injected into a patient. They have cured 90% of the ebola victims it has been given to in Africa. Jean-Jacques Muyembe, the director general of the Institut National de Recherche Biomedicale in the Republic of Congo, says that now that they have found a cure, they want to find how the vicious virus spreads from different species to species.

4. Scientist Discovered New Descendants of Humans

This is a picture of the cave that the Homo luzonensis remains were found in.

In the Philippines, archaeologists found a new human relative that lived when homo sapiens did. The Homo luzonensis DNA was found in a cave in the jungle. The Luzonesis lived between 50,000 – 67,000 years ago. This new species is the first hominin found since the Homo nadie in South Africa in 2015. Hominins are ancient creatures that are descendants to modern-day humans and are closer in their DNA to Homo sapiens than they were to chimpanzees. The archaeologists determined from the bones they found that it was 2 adults and 1 child. Some scientists are even convinced that the Homo luzonensis is a new species, but there is not enough evidence yet to warrant this fact.