Who Switched It Up?

The Reason Behind the Lack of Switches at Lunch


An official photo from switchbev.com

Since freshman year, my lunch has been graced by the bubbly, somewhat bitter, but better than anything my taste buds have ever come across, beverage, known as The Switch (colloquially known as Switch because the “the” part of the name goes unnoticed on the bottle). It’s like juice, but carbonated, and in a tiny, little can that you can gulp down in 10 seconds before class starts, but choose to take your time drinking, with small sips here and there so it can last your whole lunch. Switches come in many flavors: Apple, Black Cherry, Watermelon Strawberry, Orange Tangerine, Grape, Fruit Punch, Kiwi Berry, and Lemon Lime. Although I have only ever indulged in Kiwi Berry or Watermelon Strawberry because a friend told me on my first day that Fruit Punch would be a poor choice (disregarding that I LOVE all things fruit punch), I know many people love all kinds of Switch. “It’s kind of a love-indifference relationship,” as senior, Michal Segle, contends, “like, I LOVE it at school, but I would NEVER go out of my way to buy one outside of school.” Switches are a cornerstone of a complete and happy lunch on the Bonds-Wilson Campus, even SOA students enjoy the crisp taste of bliss. As the company puts it, it’s “100% of what you want and 0% of what you don’t.” 

I LOVE it at school, but I would NEVER go out of my way to buy one outside of school.”

— Michal Segle

But do you want to know something I don’t want? I don’t want to spend my last year of high school without them. After weeks of being absent from their iconic, top-shelf spot in the fridge at each line, I have decided to take action and find out what happened to all of the Switches.

It began with the simple question: “what happened to the Switches?” Followed by a simple-sounding answer: “It got too complicated with the company.” But I ask you, what company and how complicated could it have been? Forthwith, I decided to do some digging. Well, my “digging” was really just sending an email request for clarification to the cafeteria manager and an overseeing representative of the CCSD Office of Nutrition Services.

According to Jeremy Tunstill of the CCSD Office of Nutrition Services, “there was some type of supply chain issue,” so he sent me an official statement from Apple and Eve, the company that makes Switches. You can read the statement below. 

Officially, “We are hoping they get things sorted out soon so can start ordering and selling Switch again,” so here’s hoping!

The Official Statement from Apple and Eve