Top Ten Trends of 2019

A look back at some of the most


2019 Trends

2019 was the year of impermanence. Everyone’s opinions were constantly changing and growing, and it gave many people the chance to speak up on things that they cared about. Some of them were interesting! Here are some of my favorite trends from 2019.

  1. Tiktok

Tiktok was arguably the biggest technological development of the century. On its own, it was able to foster many of the trends that defined the year (e-boys, vsco girls, other unfunny things). Tiktok also allowed a bunch of people who don’t deserve to be famous to have a really big platform, and allowed people who were already famous to embarrass themselves by trying to relate to teenagers! This app is a total vibe!

2. Astrology

Listen… None of us are really sure how it happened but astrology became one of the biggest trends the internet has seen in a while. With highly accessible apps like Co-Star on the market, a new generation of teenagers are able to blame all of their problems and faults on the stars! Astrology accounts have become their own subgenre of every social media platform, and if you meet a new person there is about a 30/70 chance that they’ll ask you your sign before your name. 

3. Lizzo

Even though the majority of Lizzo’s hit songs came out in 2016, her album release this year brought many new fans. “Truth Hurts” and “ Good as H*ll” are now played constantly by suburban moms and teenage girls who just went through their first break up. 

4. Chunky Shoes

From sneakers to heels, chunky shoes are all the rage. This year we watched brands like Fila and Dollskill absolutely dominate the shoe market, due to edgy teenage girls wanting to look like dads. Seeing people try and explore unique shoe types is a vibe. We love to see it!

5. Noah Centineo

Noah Centineo managed to worm his way into ever leading role in every single Netflix rom-com. He  even accidentally signed up for the same move twice (“Swiped” and “The Perfect Date”), but it’s hard to avoid when you’re such a big and busy star. He also manages to consistently tweet absolutely inspiring content, if I was a 13 year old girl I would love him.

“It matters not what you’ve done but what you do with what you’ve done for others, thank you.”- Noah Centineo

6. Metal Water bottles

Even though metal water bottles have been steadily rising in popularity since 2016, in 2019 Hydroflasks led this funky trend to its peak. They are the best option to keep your beverages cold on the move, and their growing prominence in media has led to the biggest companies offering more colors and styles.

7. Euphoria Makeup 

 Even though we had a bunch of beauty fails this year, we have had some very cool new makeup trends. Euphoria, a show on HBO, inspired many makeup artists to add more glitter and face paint into their daily routine. 

8. Beauty Guru Epic Fails

Within a 2 week period we saw the rise and fall and then rise of the king of Youtube, James Charles. He used Tati Westbrook to get to fame, and then threw her away when she wasn’t necessary. Sad.  We also got to witness Jefferee Star release and then recall his newest pallet because there was hair embedded in it. Not to mention Jaclyn Hill and Kylie Jenner’s face melting makeup.

9. Big pants

This year we got to witness the resurgence of mom jeans and sweatpants. The influence of the 80s on the late 2010s was monumental, and mom jeans are the best example of it for sure. Sweatpants also got to have the comeback they deserved after being in 2012. Athleisure has both broken and revived the fashion world. 

10. Drastic Hair Changes

This year everyone realized that hair is just hair and changing it is very fun! In early December every single girl from ages 14-18 collectively decided that they needed to have pink hair. This trend was awesome because we got to see young people showing their individuality by acknowledging how impermanent everything is! Lots of people also decided to impulsively cut their bangs this year, and it looks great! Excited for more spur of the moment hair changes next year.