Top Trends of the Decade

The 2010's were a pretty crazy time!

Here is a list of some of the biggest trends each year of the 2010’s!!♥


      1. “Flippy hair”

You know your elementary school crush had hair like this

     2. Silly Bandz

Who else had these band from their classroom in the second grade?

      3. Planking

This may have been the stupidest internet trend of all time.

      4. Zhu Zhu pets

Everyone had one of these things, but all they did was move around and run into walls.


  5. Bottle cap necklaces

I personally chose to rock one of these on the daily to complete my ensemble. 


      1. Hair feathers

I kinda want to bring these back tbh.

      2. “YOLO”

This term is pretty much extinct at this point. The only person I ever hear use this word any more is Kaki Cobb.

      3. The Hunger Games

If you’re not Team Peeta then you can exit this article right now. 

      4. Bump It’s

Please tell me y’all remember these too. 

      5. “Friday” by Rebecca Black

Possibly the most annoying song ever created.


      1. Mustache themed everything

I don’t know about everyone else, but I remember walking into stores like Claire’s and Justice and seeing moustache earrings, pillows, shirts,etc.

      2. Ombre hair

Not horrible, but not the best look.

      3. Grumpy cat

Did anyone else have a math teacher in middle school that looked like grumpy cat?

      4. The Cup Song

Even the kids whose parents wouldn’t let them see the movie Pitch Perfect knew how to do this.

      5. Uggs

They were worn with EVERYTHING. But they were really comfortable so I can’t judge. 


      1. Flower crowns

This was when Tumblr hipsters were a thing.

      2. Duck Dynasty

I really don’t know why, but everyone was obsessed with this show.

      3. The Harlem Shake

This was the first ever Tik Tok dance, we just didn’t even know it. 

      4. Rainbow Loom bracelets

Every eight year old had a rainbow loom bracelet business.

      5. “What Does the Fox Say?”

This video was perhaps even more annoying than Rebecca Black’s, “Friday”.


      1. ALS ice-bucket challenge

If you didn’t do this and post it to instagram, you definitely weren’t cool.

      2. Flappy bird

This was the most frustrating and pointless game ever created.

      3. Selfie sticks

I hope you were bullied if you ever used one of these.

      4. Alex from Target

He wasn’t even that hot.

       5. Ebola

Not a very happy trend, but it was a big deal at the time so I decided to include it.


      1. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

This seemed like a very painful challenge. 

      2. Dabbing

Thanks Silento.

      3. Hoverboards

Remember when everyone got one of these for Christmas and then it came out that they exploded.

      4. The Dress

This one picture could cause you and your friend to not talk to each other for days.

      5. Top knots

These are convenient. Not against a good top knot at all.


      1. Pokemon Go

There was really no point to this game yet everyone was still obsessed with it.

      2. Mannequin Challenge

That girl is a real crowd pleaser.

      3. Bottle flipping

If you could never do this, you probably still cry yourself to sleep at night.

      4. “Damn Daniel”

Somehow these bozos ended up on Ellen. I mean, how. 

      5. Clown sightings

Did we ever figure out why this was a thing?


      1. Eating tide pods


      2. Fidget Spinners

I never really understood these.

      3. Floss (the dance)

I love watching the middle aged moms and dads try to master this move.

      4. Fortnite

I will admit, it was a pretty fun game.

      5. Slime

Did people actually play with this stuff after they made it or did their moms just throw it away?


      1. PopSockets

I will say, these things are pretty convenient. 

      2. Yanny Vs. Laurel

It says Yanny I swear.

      3. Scrunchies 

Were my VSCO girls at?

      4. Soundcloud Rappers 

My favorite is Lil Cynth.

      5. Ariana Grande 

Victoria Justice is throwing darts at her face right this very second.


      1. Hydroflasks

These are the best water bottles in the world so go ahead and call me a VSCO girl, but at least I won’t be a dehydrated prune.

       2. TikTok

I hate to admit it, but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

      3. The Jonas Brothers

They’re back together everyone.

      4. Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

I never tried this so I don’t have much to say.

      5. Billie Eilish 

She’s a little emo for my taste, but there’s no denying that she’s extremely talented.