Top 10 Victorious Episodes

A deep dive into the best show ever created.



   10. Season 3 episode 2: The Breakfast Bunch

 This episode’s take on the classic 80s movie, the Breakfast Club will just stick with you. The cast gives one of the most entertaining renditions of a classic, and the characters fit amazingly into their stereotypical roles. Also this is one of the first episodes we get to see Robby and Cat’s relationship start to develop.


  1. Season 1 episode 5 : Tori the Zombie

 This episode gives some of the best character development we get for Trina from the entire show. We see Trina stop multiple times, for seemingly selfish reasons, but she truly is just delaying the arrival of the glue so that the play will have the most effect on the guest director! There was also lots of dramatic irony because we knew where Trina and Cat were but Tori didn’t. Lots of suspense, almost as scary as Silence of the Lambs. We love to see it! Cat’s makeup was really good, and I hope she got an A in her special effects class.


  1. Season 2 Episode 3: Ice Cream for Ke$ha

They all work together for a common cause and it teaches the importance of collaboration. I also enjoyed watching Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande beat up a child for Funky Nut Butter Ice Cream. They portrayed the relationship between sisters perfectly with the plot-line that Tori was Trina’s slave until Ke$ha gave her a private performance, however it was unrealistic that Tori would just agree. Ke$ha sang the song “Blow”, there were confetti cannons.


  1. Season 3 episode 4: Andre’s Horrible Girl

 Listen.. We never get enough of Andre on the show. He writes all of Tori’s songs for her, is the most supportive friend out of their entire friend and is one of the wittiest characters. This episode tells young people that you should date someone terrible if their father is a famous music producer! Awesome ideology! Also this episode was really good because many people wanted Cat and Beck to date and they have a hug while the earthquake is going on. Elvis’ guitar breaks and that was symbolic of the end of the tension between Jade and Beck,  and a chance to rebuild a friendship.


  1. Season 1 episode 19: Freak the Freak out Pt 1

This is the first episode in which we really see how talented Cat and Jade are. They had been reduced to only background vocals behind a mediocre Tori for the entire season leading up to this point. “Give It Up” showcases Cat’s incredible range and Jade’s astounding belt. It’s genuinely hard to believe that they are supposed to be the opening act for Tori when they are just way WAY better. This episode also has some very compelling political commentary on nepotism.


  1. Season 1 episode 12: Cat’s New Boyfriend

 This episode finally shows how evil Tori really is. We were always led to believe that she is kind and talented and relatable, but she sprays hot cheese on her “best friend” after she unknowingly starts dating her boyfriend. Cat was the best character all around and Tori was a jealous worm.


  1. Season 1 Episode 10: Rex Dies

The definition of an emotional roller-coaster. Tori’s carelessness and stupidity leads to the injury of Rex, and it sparks the necessary debate over Robbie’s need for the “childish” object. This question of Robbie’s mental health is something alluded to, but never really explained throughout the show, and we finally understand why he is so dependent on his puppet. Also the flesh eating fish plot-line was fun.


       3. Season 1 episode 17: Survival of hottest

This episode is a metaphor for  a topical political and environmental issue: Climate Change. Tori and her friends represent ecosystems of our planet, while Cat represents big business. She is out using natural resources like oil, water and clean air, while completely forgetting about the friends she is leaving to decay. The van parked next to them represents the human race and their disregard for their surroundings unless they directly benefit them. The children being stuck in the van also represents how the next generation has to clean up the mess that  past carelessness has brought on. The fact that they are even trapped in a VEHICLE further alludes to the fact that carbon emissions are penetrating our ozone. Robbie exemplifies how unethical consumption under capitalism can undermine a fully functional socialist colony.


  1. Season 6 episode 6: Tori and Jade’s Playdate

This is the episode where they sing “Take a Hint.” Jade is an absolute legend. They invented feminism. Also the episode where Beck and Andre have to be siblings in the new play Sikowitz created, provides one of the most iconic lines from the show.


  1. Season 3 episode 11:  April Fools Blank

In this work Schneider utilizes tools of absurdism( belief that people exist in a chaotic and purposeless world) and existentialism ( belief that an individual is a free agent and creator of their own fate). It mirrors themes illustrated in Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5, and some scenes actually evoke the same emotional reaction. The Cinderella play put on by the POWs is very similar to the Dorothy sketch in this episode. The viewer feels sympathy and an unsettling entertainment. It is pure chaos with no true plot and that is what makes it so powerful. Schnieder shows support for lawless creativity and the growth of the more surrealist filmmaking in 2012 (showcased in movies like: Suspiria (1977), Goodnight Mommy (2014) and Donnie Darko (2001).

Honorable mentions: : Season 1 Episode 6: Jade dumps Beck

The main story line in this episode follows Jade after she breaks up with Beck in a spur of the moment decision. Honestly, it was clear that the creators were just starting to develop her character, and they were still trying to make Jade the villain of the show. Not cool. The reason this episode gets a shout-out is because Trina performs her ICONIC one woman show of Trina!, featuring, arguably the best song from the show, “Chicago”.