Follow-Up: Which Magnet Couple Were You?

A Review of the Famous Quiz


Magnet Love is Spreading through the Campus

Major shoutout to the Raptor Fam for some big help these past couple of weeks. I released the quiz for “Which Magnet Couple Are You” ( on just October 25th, and it has already surpassed 730 hits, making it the most popular article published in October. But when I hit you guys up last week to hear some results, you still came in clutch. Unfortunately, the Interact quiz maker wanted to charge me a hefty premium (like $90) to look at the analytics from my quiz, so I left it up to the respondents to report some results. Responses were quick and diverse, with Magnet senior Clara Cullum even kindly pointing out that I needed a Google form to gather results. Good thing I forgot.

Luckily, I still received tons of results emails, so let’s get to the important numbers. Before I get to the big winners, let’s give some major respect to our honorable mentions of sorts. Will Jordan (of Lil Cynth fame) and Nicole Tufts as well as the pair of Maisie Cochran/Thomas Abraham each got a single result; however, this was still exponentially more than the modified “under construction” result that linked back to the quiz. Just above them were senior/junior pairs Jake Thayer + Mary Routh and (Little) Will Jordan + McCabe Templeton as well as the great senior couple of Charles Blanc and Piper Carter and bestie pair Ella Lesesne and Simone Kavarana.

After we go above those with three results, the numbers spread out a little. Four senior couples each registered just under ten quiz takers in agreement. Weirdly enough, these were three of the “easiest” results to get, but Lauren Osborne/Sully Gholson, Cade Bitting/Grace Gurney, and Andrew DeArellano/Sloane Stoklosa, Emma Broucqsault/Will Schnell were able to tie for fourth place in the overall standings.

Coming in at third in our big contest (that wasn’t at all a contest) were Conolly Burgess and Kaylin Morris with about fifteen votes. Above them in nearly hallowed ground was me. No author bias here. Twenty-one quiz-takers found Carson Goodier and I to be the most relatable couple based on our description below:

“You get a huge workout just bouncing from club to club at lunch. Don’t forget you’re in a ton of APs. Oh, and politics is everything. You wake up to tweets from Trump and AOC, and there is a constant countdown in your head to the next debate. Just make sure you watch SNL afterwards.”

Finally, our big winners with nearly double the votes of the silver medalists were Mallory Alexander and Kasen Groves. From a strictly objective viewpoint, this was an upset. Few of the tests done on the quiz yielded the Mallory/Kasen result. Nevertheless, many seemingly found themselves to be “Chill. Happy but real laid back. Maybe play[ing] a sport but it’s not everything. . . Kinda mysterious, cold on the outside but warm and fuzzy within.”

That said, there have been some complaints as to the accuracy of the quiz. While people like Lauren Osborne, Sloane Stoklosa, Cade Bitting, and Emma Broucqsault were able to get themselves, the same cannot be said for McCabe and Will as well as Piper Carter. As the quiz-maker and a result, I was able to get Carson and I several times (only counted once) as well as most of the other couples for testing purposes (didn’t count). With that said, most (if not all) of the results were easily achievable, so enjoy the quiz as it stands and please see the 14-day results below.

The Full Results (we are calling each time a couple was the quiz result as a “vote”):

Kasen Groves/Mallory Alexander         1st (40 Votes)

Carson Goodier/Will Kronsberg           2nd (21 Votes)

Conolly Burgess/Kaylin Morris             3rd (15 Votes)

Andrew DeArellano/Sloane Stoklosa   T-4th (9 Votes)

Cade Bitting/Grace Gurney                    T-4th (9 Votes)

Lauren Osborne/Sully Gholson             T-4th (9 Votes)

Emma Broucqsault/Will Schnell           T-4th (9 Votes)

Charles Blanc/Piper Carter                     T-8th (3 Votes)

Ella Lesesne/Simone Kavarana             T-8th (3 Votes)

Jake Thayer/Mary Routh                        T-10th (2 Votes)

Will Jordan/McCabe Templeton           T-10th (2 Votes)

Maisie Cochran/Thomas Abraham       T-12th (1 Vote)

Will Jordan (Lil Cynth)/Nicole Tufts    T-12th (1 Vote)

Under Construction                                   N/A