The Best Neighborhood For Trick or Treating

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          With Halloween coming up I realized a question that I have never heard answered. What is the best Neighborhood for Trick or Treating? As a kid, I  stayed in my neighborhood and never ventured ou,  but now I realize how much I missed. In order to figure out the answer to this, I surveyed many students and spent many classes doing research. I came to the conclusion that my criteria should include house density, amount of candy received and the type of candy that can be found specifically king-sized candy bars.

  1. South of Broad, Downtown Charleston- A new discovery for me but based on the stories this place seems insane. The number of king-sized bars given out and the number of houses in this area make it a pristine place for trick or treating. However, beware that there is a lack of parking which makes it not the most accessible.
  2. Ion, Mt. Pleasant- Another great place to go with the highest house density, including some very large houses, which in this list could easily mean the most candy. However, some of the downsides include the number of people participating in trick or treating and the candy runs out early at some houses.

    It’s Insane”

    — Jack Patterson

  3. The Crescent, West Ashley- A great place to go if you live on the other side of town. There are many houses that may not give out the most king-sized bars but they do give some quality candy.
  4. Old Village, Mt. Pleasant- The houses are a little more spread out than other neighborhoods but If you know what houses to go to, this can compete with South of Broad. These houses are known for giving some good candy including those king-size chocolate bars.
  5. Park West, N. Mt. Pleasant- Although this is a general area, most neighborhoods in ParkWest are a great safe place to go trick or treating.   There is a good house density but less than Ion, however, you will still get a good amount of good candy. You may even get lucky and get one or two king-size candy.

In conclusion, any neighborhood can be a good one if you have the correct strategies and know what houses to go to. Like everything it takes time and experience in order to master the art. For any of those who go out this Halloween stay safe and have a good time.