Denver Airport Conspiracies

Fact or fiction? Only you can decide.

To the unaware, the Denver airport may seem harmless enough, but the woke traveler will quickly realize the salient hotbed of dark mysteries and sinister secrets that lies within. In this article, I will be exposing all of the lies, inconsistencies, and unexplained activities happening right under the noses of thousands of people every day. So strap in Raptors because these conspiracies are about to blow your mind. (Images are graciously provided by fellow Talon writer Clara Cullum.)

The Artwork

Ask anyone who has ever been to DIA about their experience, and they are all but assured to tell you about the creepy artwork. As a child, my brother and I always found these vibrant images bizarre, but we were more concerned with the top tier Pizza Hut in concourse A, of which I highly recommend. The murals depict children from all over the world running for their lives and gas-masked soldiers killing doves. Google more of the artwork if you aren’t creeped out yet.

Mom I’m scared, can you come pick me up?

Underground City

One of the biggest unexplained aspects of the airport’s conception is that it went two billion dollars over budget for a total of almost five billion dollars. The extra two billion seems largely unaccounted for, and many speculators believe it was used for an underground network of buildings and tunnels. One construction employee stated that there were five large buildings and a network of tunnels underneath the airport, which is why the construction went almost a year and a half longer than planned. It is believed this underground complex may be a FEMA compound or a nuclear fallout shelter for world leaders.

An abstract sculpture in the airport, but what does any of it mean??

Dedication Plaque

The pièce de résistance of the whole operation however is the notorious dedication plaque. Signed by the New World Airport Commission with the Freemason symbol, many people suspect the Illuminate is involved. Having dedicators such as “The Most Worshipful Prince” and “Grand Master” only adds to the enigma of the whole ordeal. Freemasonry is a very ancient and nebulous study, and I was only left increasingly mystified after a quick reconnaissance online.

As a free Mason, I can confirm the Illuminate played a part

Can someone explain to me why the Illuminate pyramid is on our currency?”

— Myself

Blue Mustang Statue

Last but certainly not least, we have Blucifer. Blucifer is the glowing red-eyed, wild stallion that presides over DIA, his dominion. Blucifer killed his artist in 2006 when his head fell off and severed an artery in his artist’s leg. Yes that happened.

Peyton Manning is a member of the Illuminate, confirmed

I have never been there myself, but I had a riveting conversation with Mr. Phillips, where he had some very insightful comments from his visit. It is very sketchy…”

— Ellie Marino, Conspiracy Club President