Memories with Emory

childhood memories that are so deep in your brain that it will hurt to look at these images

This is a historic picture of our teachers in 1st grade.

This is a historic picture of our teachers in 1st grade.

Here are a couple of childhood memories that are so deep down that they will make you head spin.


The first is Starfall. This is the OG abcmouse that taught us to read. With it being October, it is only appropriate to highlight the pumpkin carving game. This game taught us mandatory life skills like how to put a face on a pumpkin. Other games on this website helped us learn math and our colors. This website is very education and I promise that you all played on it.



Mighty Beanz:

I remember in kindergarten saving up all of my class money to buy a mighty bean and a track from the treasure chest. These little guys wiggled and wobbled, but they did fall down – our race tracks. These buds were so much fun to pop out and race anywhere, like the doctors office, bathroom, or the McDonalds playground.



N ever give up.

E ncourage others.

D o your best.

These inspiring yoyos that were somehow sold at our elementary schools were a staple on the school playground. The NED people would come to your school and put on a show to play prey on susceptible children to sell their product. Also they made the yoyo holder a cool fashion.


Between the Lions:

This show was iconic on our roll out tvs. Between the Lions was a children’s educational tv show that was shown on the best days of 1st grade. This show would teach us different stories and reading. This is a picture from my personal favorite episode (and the only one I remember), Icarus and Daedalus.


Bear in the Big Blue House:

Bear in the Big Blue House might have been  one of the best puppet shows of all time. Their intro song brings me back to some of my earliest years.


Ben 10:

This tv show was transforming. It taught kids about aliens and growing up. They also had these
awesome “action figures.”




Hexbugs were a great stocking stuffer at christmas. They came in little test tubes like little bug test subjects.


Scholastic book fair:

Do yall remember when your teacher would send home the scholastic catalog, and you would circle all the books you wanted to get. Then you come to school and your class goes at their appointed time to the library. There you get to see your mom that volunteered to work the cashier. You look at the price of everything and try to see if you have enough to buy one of the pointer fingers. You head to the cashier and hand the new guinness book of world records over to pay for it. That was one of the best days of school.