Magnet Jeopardy: Put Your Raptor Knowledge to the Test.

Are you a true Raptor?


Bailey or Alex Trebek? You tell me.

This is Jeopardy! With your hosts, Caroline and Bailey.

A quintessential American television program, Jeopardy serves to bore the public and make us citizens feel inferior when it comes to knowledge about obscure topics. Fear not! We have created an entertaining Jeopardy game to test whether or not you are a true Raptor. Magnet Jeopardy can be played by yourself or with your peers, however, to get your teacher off task for seven minutes and enhance competition, we suggest asking to play this with the class. You’re welcome.

This game was tested among the toughest of Magnet critics and received excellent feedback, so you are guaranteed to enjoy this thrilling masterpiece.

If you’d like to suggest any topics/questions for a potential Jeopardy #2, please submit all inquiries to