Ranking the Best Before-School Breakfast Places in Charleston

A hungry Raptor is a sad Raptor


Four restaurants have been selected for this review. Credit (clockwise from top left): Fox News, RiseUp4Christ, World Branding Awards, Pinterest

Picture this scenario: it is Monday morning and you wake up from your typical four hours of sleep to go to school. After packing your backpack and petting your dog, you decide to grab a quick breakfast. Seeing that it is already 8am, you only have one option: breakfast on-the-go.

If this sounds like your typical breakfast debacle, read closely. Over the past week, I have taken it upon myself to test a variety of breakfast places on my drive to school. Primarily considering overall time and price, each restaurant has been ranked.


Factors considered in this review:

  1. Cumulative time on the property of the restaurant (to assess the most accurate expense to your morning drive)
  2. Cost of the meal
  3. Quality and taste of the food
  4. Service


#4 Starbucks

At best, Starbucks presents a solution to sleep-deprived mornings. At worst, the franchise offers expensive coffees with extensive wait times. At $4.88, the iced coffee that I received was underwhelming. To add insult to injury, I spent a cumulative eight minutes and one second at the establishment. For this price in half the time, I was able to find full meals elsewhere.

#3 McDonald’s

Though the price and speed of McDonald’s service are both undeniably impressive ($3.64 in 2:47), I left the restaurant with a bad taste in my mouth, and not just from the sausage McGriddle. Upon ordering from the drive-through window at the Cosgrove Avenue location, a man approached my car and pestered me for a few dollars. Though I obliged, the event frustrated me, and I could not help but feel like the McDonald’s management staff should be taking measures against beggars at their drive-through windows. To give them the benefit of the doubt however, it could have been an isolated incident. Final ranking: McMediocre.


#2 Chick Fil-A

I am hard pressed to find any flaws with the service, food quality, or experience that Chick Fil-A provides to customers. For this reason, it is well known that Chick Fil-A holds a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of Raptor Nation. The franchise nearest Magnet is located adjacent to Tanger Outlets. My breakfast of choice? A delicious four-count chicken mini combo with hashbrowns and a lemonade, all for $6.92. The drawback, however, presented itself in the cumulative time spent on property at 11:02. For this reason, it is common for students to be seen walking into class late with a Chick Fil-A bag in hand.


#1 Bojangles’

I would be lying if I said that I could have predicted the quality of service and food that I found at Bojangles’. Though its supporters are limited at Magnet, they are devoted. I decided to ask resident Bojangles’ proponent Sam Carson (12) for his recommendations. In his words, “I always get the same thing, a sausage and egg biscuit with a Diet Pepsi. The biscuit has adequate protein and carbs, but to balance the saltiness, I drink a lot of soda with it.” Hours later with a sausage biscuit in hand, I found it hard to argue with him. The $5.09 price point was equally impressive for my coffee, biscuit, and hashbrowns. As icing on the cake, I was able to order, receive my food, and drive off the property within four minutes and twelve seconds, a record among the other restaurants and a level of accessibility that would appeal to even the laziest of Raptors.