I logged back into my Webkinz Account after 8 years and here’s what happened!

Games Arcade Part One

Webkinz Log In Page

Webkinz Log In Page

SloanMy screen turned blue and the infamous “Webkinz W” appeared. I was taken back to when I was in elementary school and logging in to check on my beloved animated plush animals. 8 years later I decided to log back on to Webkinz and catch up with my pets. Featured below are the Webkinz pets I had… creative names I know.. I think I really was in my prime when I named my black bear “bunny” and my canary “cheese”.

After seeing my pets, I went back to my house to see the master pieces I used to work so hard on as an 8 year old. I was quite impressed with myself as my house was more thorough than I even remember.

Here’s an Inside Peak into one of the bedrooms and the game room.

No big deal, but this bedroom not only has an oven, but a sandwich maker on the makeup stand as well.
I really was going for an open floor plan. That’s why I put the air hockey and pool table against the wall.

Then I went to the arcade, and I ranked the games in the order of my personal favorites.

Here is part one of my list after playing every single game, jogging memories of myself as a child enthralled in this world.

The first list features the games through the Wheel of Wow through Flutter Bugged and no deluxe games are featured.

#1: Smoothie moves

This was one of my favorites as a kid as it required quick reflexes and quick thinking. It may be the fond memories I have playing this game that make me rank it number 1, but it also is just a quality game. I lost my first life on level three and the other two on level five. This got me 53 Kinzkash, not bad for the first time playing it in awhile.

#2: Candy Bash

This is by far one of the most challenging games in the arcade, but it is why I liked it so much. After playing numerous rounds in efforts to become better at the game, I could only earn of 3 KinzCash. Even though it doesn’t pay well, it is the most entertaining, and it is a top runner for having the most fantastic background music.




#3: Ant mania

Warning : this game is highly addictive as you only have one life, and every time you die you think you can do better, so you try again. However, the money is not rewarded proportionally to how hard you work. After 3 warm ups I could only get 4 KinzCash, and on the hard level I died with no prize.


#4: Wacky zingoz

After warming up for a little, my longest hit was 529.2 Webkinz meters. This is a satisfying game as you hear your Zingoz fly across the screen.

#5: Wheel of Wow

I won 20 KinzCash when I played, and even though it was the lamest prize, spinning the wheel of wow is just a check on your Webkinz to do list as you have one spin a day. The limited amount of spins gives the game much more intensity and suspense. 

#6: Color storm

Whenever I would log onto Webkinz as a kid, my mom would insist that I let her play this game, and she had the same reaction when I logged back in now. She finds this game super addictive and entertaining. If she was writing the article, this would be ranked number 1. After not playing for so many years, she earned 58 KinzCash and was just content she got to play it again.

#7: Polar plunge

Not going to lie, this game is not as fun as I remember it to be. However, the good flashbacks that came with the game allowed it to move up in the rankings.

#8: Atlantis

I have no memory playing this as a child, and good thing because I would have struggled with this game. I thought it was fun at first but then I just got frustrated as I couldn’t pass it without a hint, and after 20 min spent on this game I only got 4 KinzCash.

#9: Candy Bash 2

While this game was fun, it was disappointing as Candy Bash 1 was just too amazing to stop. Not only was this game way easier, it had no fun music.

#10: Goody gumdrops

This game is new to Webkinz, and the game was decent, it was pretty simple. I would have enjoyed it as a child more for sure.

#11: Wishing well 2

Like the Wheel of Wow, the fact that you can only play it once a day makes it so much more fun to play as you have to put everything into the game as the game is 100% luck.

#12: Cash Cow 2

I played 3 levels and it took less than 2 min to earn 11 KinzCash, so if you’re looking to save up fast for that new wallpaper for your pets room, this is the game to play. It has good music as well.

#13: Booger gets an A

As a 6 year old I thought this game was so fun, but now as a 17 year old, pushing numbers to do simple addition is not fun. I earned 15 KinzCash before I quit.

#14: Cash cow

This was really boring. I played it for so long without it getting any harder so I quit and moved onto the hard level. Hard level- Ok that should not have been hard but I only got 1 KinzCash. 

#15: Banaza

The game is fine, but the ants are too big and I hated it as a kid. 

#16: Flutter bugged

Misleading name 

I simply don’t understand if the butterflies are good or bad. I got no KinzCash, and I am not trying again. 

#17: Wheel of Deluxe

This game can only be played by deluxe members, but I did not realize that when I clicked it. It was a little rude as it made me watch an advertisement before telling me that I could not play.

Stay tuned for the ranking of all the games of GoGo Googles through Zacky’s Quest.