Senior Summer Vacation Plans

What exotic locations are the class of 2019 traveling to this summer?

Summer is approaching fast and this years graduates are eager to travel around the world

Summer is approaching fast and this years graduates are eager to travel around the world

As seniors are finishing the school year, excitement over summer vacation plans is intensifying. This summer, Seniors plan to travel to a variety of locations including:

Rachel Maile

The gorgeous coast of Iceland is laced with glaciers, snowy mountain peaks, and icy lakes

“I tricked my grandma into taking me to Iceland. She gave me her credit card.”

“We are going to see lots of ice, see more ice, and then a little bit more ice”

I tricked my grandma into taking me to Iceland”

— Rachel Maile





Abby Bonner

“I am moving to Maine and am excited about not having a 100 degree summer”

Hannah O

The stunning view out over the skyscrapers of New York City

“I am touring around the country with my band and will visit many cities including New York, Atlanta, Nashville, and DC”

Mary Grace Wolf

“I am going to Cape Cod this summer”

Kate Kuisel

“I am going to Saint Simon’s Island in Georgia with my friend Sally”

“I am going to do the things I used to love doing as a kid like making sand castles and climbing the lighthouse”

Andrew Zimlich

Zion National Park features canyons and valleys coated in vibrant red and green hues

“I am going to Utah with my family and my cousins”

“We are going to visit the Grand Canyon and explore National Parks like Zion”

Zach Wallace-Wright

“I am going on an England trip this summer to London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, and Bath”

Grayson Hasty

The Eiffel Towers stands as a beacon over the Paris skyline

“I am going to England and France with my dad and sister. I am looking forward very much to going to Stonehenge”

“I am also going to Dance Team Nationals in Myrtle beach and I think we have a chance of winning”

Tori Streetman

Costa Rica’s lush landscape makes this destination a vacation hotspot

“I am going to Costa Rica to volunteer with sloths and travel around”

“I am also going to Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome”





Victoria Waterfield

The Colosseum is one of the most significant historical sites on view for tourists in Rome

“I am going to the UK and spending a few days in Italy”

“I will be seeing Stonehenge, London, Edinburgh, and Rome”

John Conley

Beautiful Lake Bled is one of the most popular natural sites in Slovenia

“This summer I am taking my mom on a trip around Europe to France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic”

Lindsay Lankau

The famous Tower Bridge is a must-see sight in London

“I will be going to Spain and London”

“I am going to see my exchange student, Lucia, and I am excited!”




Adriana Ballinger


“I am going to France this summer to stay with family, and I am very excited because I have not been in a while”


The Class of 2019 is trekking the globe this summer, and we cant wait to hear about their experiences and travels abroad.