Avengers Endgame Review: Marvel’s Senior Year

We’re in the Endgame now.


Avengers: Endgame is one of the most anticipated films of 2019.

At the premiere for Avengers: Endgame on April 22, the Avengers cast walked the purple carpet for the last time, mirroring that of the graduation walk that AMHS seniors will take in just a few short weeks. It is fitting that this massive movie got released this close to graduation as Endgame is a true culmination of the last 11 years of Marvel movies. This film marks the penultimate film in phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and serves as the final movie in the Avengers franchise. It truly was senior year for the Avengers cast and now Endgame serves as a very fitting graduation ceremony to commemorate the 22 films and incredible empire that Marvel has crafted.

In an attempt to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t seen the film, I will keep my discussion of the actual film to a minimum. I could talk for hours about the characters and plot of Endgame and how it affects the past and future of Marvel, but instead this review will spotlight the just pure, grand scale this movie has accomplished.

Back in 2008 when Iron Man was released, it was a huge risk. No one knew how fans would react or if they would latch on to this world that Marvel was now creating on the big screen rather than on a comic book page. But now fast forward 11 years and the grand scale and reach that Marvel has accomplished is impossible to ignore. Even if you haven’t seen a Marvel film, you’ve heard about them. You’ve heard people whispering theories in the halls at school or the actors discussing the fact that they can’t discuss anything about the film during their many appearances during the press tour. You’ve seen the logos of characters plastered on everything from clothes to notebooks to Ziploc bags. Marvel has grown into this worldwide phenomenon that has amassed millions of fans and left a lifelong impact on the entertainment industry.

The original six Avengers and president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige.

Endgame is the film that perfectly embodies this swift growth into a leading entertainment empire that Marvel has achieved as it is currently the second highest grossing film in history with 2.227 billion dollars earned so far. Many people have been waiting years for this film and now that it is finally out, fans have had the opportunity to laugh, cry, and experience every emotion during this hefty 3 hour and 2 minute runtime. I have seen the film 3 times now and can truly say I have enjoyed each experience. Since the film is so long, I have picked up on new subtleties and nuances in each viewing. All of the events in the film are fitting. This film might not have delivered on my every dream and wish for Marvel, but every scene is deliberate and commemorative of the last 11 years. The directors and screenwriters of this film are absolute geniuses for crafting this project that truly serves as a love letter or ode to the other 21 films. So personal desires aside, Endgame definitely delivered a fitting end to the Avengers franchise and completed many character arcs in a way that was very true to their character’s journey.

After this film, you might be wondering what the future of Marvel looks like. Spider-Man: Far From Home gets released in July, marking the official end to phase 3 in the MCU. A recent trailer for the film finally shows the connection that movie has to Endgame. After that, little to nothing is known about phase 4 for Marvel. They have announced the film release dates that they have reserved though and plan to roll out 8 new movies in the next 3 years. Additionally, in November 2019, Disney+ is being released which will feature several Marvel TV shows. Only a few MCU shows have officially been announced, including a Falcon and Winter Soldier TV show and a Wanda and Vision TV Show. The future for Marvel still looks very promising.

Wowza. What a time. The only thing better than the movie was listening to Abby cry for three hours.”

— Anna Tortorici

Overall, Avengers: Endgame may not have satisfied my every wish and desire for Marvel, but it was definitely a very fitting end. I left the theater feeling content, and still covered in my own tears, but content nonetheless. Although I am still upset that this era of Marvel is over, the future for Marvel still looks bright with countless other films and TV shows planned. So thanks to Marvel for crafting this spectacular world that has given so many fans the cinematic journey of a lifetime. And thanks to The Talon for allowing this to be my final movie review of my senior year. I love you 3000.

Now let’s follow in the Avengers footsteps and finish off our senior year strong! Only 3 weeks til graduation!