Why You Should Play Clash Royale

I explain why Clash Royale is a good game.

Why You Should Play Clash Royale

Without Clash Royale, I would have no life, ligma.

— Andrew Zimlich

From the makers of Clash of Clans, comes a game that takes everything bad from their original game and made it better in Clash Royale.


The game is quick and the premise is simple. It combines elements of tower defense, card games, and battle arena games. The many Clash of Clans players complained about the time it took to upgrade their towers and the importance of gems in the game which made it harder for free-to-play players to compete with so called “gemmers.” Supercell, the company that makes these games, made a game that was free of these problems that players complained about. Upgrades for cards and your towers does not take any time at all, and gems are less important to being good at the game. In addition, your troops do not take any time to “train” in order to be ready for battle. You can just jump into a game whenever you want, and it takes no time at all.

Long-lasting Entertainment

There’s no way around it, the game is addicting. As long as you’re not spending money on the game and you’re not playing while you drive, it is not a bad addiction to have. The main motivation I have to continue playing the game is to be better than my friends that play, and as of right now I am not even close to their level. The game is highly strategy based, and requires a lot of commitment to compete with players that are high in trophies, which is the ranking system in the game. There are many different modes in which a player can participate in, and these include trophy road, challenges, and clan wars. This variety of game modes keep the player reeled in and wanting to play more.

Before You Play…

Please understand that this game is not made to be easy and is difficult to be good at. In general, it is very frustrating as it is common for newer players to become stuck in trophy road without progress for an extended period of time. However, this can be avoided by switching game modes to get out of the rut, or changing your deck in order to advance further. Also, there is a good bit of what one might call “trolling” in the game, and in Clash Royale it comes in the form of emotes which are basically little emojis that players can flash at their opponent. This can also be avoided by using the mute option on the emote bar, so trolling can be prevented very easily.

In my opinion, Clash Royale is a very fun game that keeps a players interest for a very long time, which is important because in my opinion many mobile games keep old very fast.