I Completed Every Poptropica Island

Not clickbait. I actually did this. I completed 40+ islands. Am I a gamer girl now?


You remember those days. It was raining outside and you needed something to fill your time. So you hopped onto 24 Carrot island or Shark Tooth island. However, a lot has changed on Poptropica since those good ol’ days. You can have pets, and islands come in episodes. This project took me around 3 months to complete (mostly in class) and I even spent my hard earned money to get a membership so I could complete ALL the islands. Here are my thoughts:

Early Poptropica: A simple classic that teaches you the basics of the great world that is Poptropica. You have 3 simple tasks; find the lost water bucket, the lost pig, and the lost flag for the colonists of Poptropica. However, an exciting plot line is lacking. Easily the best part of this island is the jet pack you can get near the end. This island earns a 6.5/10 mostly due to nostalgia.

Shark Tooth: Another classic island that reminds me of elementary school. A good feature of this island is both the hula skirt and the shark fin you can get for free. Similar to Early Poptropica, a complicated conflict is missing. However, it is fun to shoot the coconuts at the big shark. This island earns a 6/10.

Time Tangled: This island is one of my favorites due to the intersection of history and the future in one island. The premise is that you return missing objects to the correct time periods of history. From the Aztecs to the travels of Lewis and Clark. You can also see your Poptropican as an old person which is quite entertaining. Rachel Walmet, an avid Poptropica fan, says, “Time Tangled is my happy place. I feel like I have friends everywhere I go there”.This island earns a 7.5/10

24 Carrot: This highlight of this island is easily Dr. Hare. A classic Poptropica villain that somehow brings joy. Another great feature of this island is the drink that can change your hair color in the diner. Personally I do not like how much time you have to spend in the pipes of the carrot factory, I would rather spend time outside in the open Poptropica air. This island earns a 6/10.

Super Power: Easily one of the best islands of all of Poptropica, HOWEVER, the fact that Ned Noodlehead takes all of your glory at the end of this island ruins the whole island. You worked hard as a superhero battling the villians and putting the back in jail and you get zero credit. Additionally, beating Betty Jetty at the end is a little difficult and takes a multitude of attempts. This island earns a 6/10.

Spy: One of my favorite islands ever. It is funny, lighthearted, and has a great plot twist at the end. The different spy gadgets you can experiment with are quite fun. Mason Bishop states “I want one of those grapple bow ties”. This is one island I will never forget and earns a 9/10.

Nabooti: Another great island. This is one of the adventure islands where you travel from place of place all over the African continent. I get sort of an Indiana Jones vibe. This island became premium recently, so I used my membership in order for some hardcore journalism. A difficult aspect of this island is the chicken, goat, and feed across the waterfall. But this challenge is good for your brain. I give this island a 8/10.

Big Nate: This island frustrates me. First of all, who is even Big Nate? I have never ever heard of this series. And when you finally meet him on this island, he is a big fat selfish meanie head. This island’s plot is boring and the animation is mediocre. Not to mention the picture guy is downright creepy. This island earns a 4/10.

Astro-Knights: This island can break friendships. There are Poptropica fans that love this island, but some absolutely hate it. Personally, I am in the middle. It has a very unique plot but is one of the more difficult islands. However, I think it is worth it in the end to earn that medal. The different planets are all very intriguing as well. I give this island a 7/10.

Counterfeit: This is another one of my favorite islands. It combines art education and the danger that is counterfeit art. I also love how you have to revisit Early Poptropica, it really ties things together. Great creative plot and another great plot twist. This island earns the fist 10/10.  

Reality TV: A great but difficult island. I bet Bryan Bracy, 5 dollars recently that he couldn’t beat it in one try, and I lost 5 dollars. The premise is that you enter a Reality TV show and must beat a bunch of challenges. I did get massive gamer rage during this island whenever I got voted off. Afterwards, if you win the Reality Show you get famous, which is a nice confidence boost. I give this island an 8/10.

Mythology: Poptropica recently redid this island and made it more modern. This is a scavenger hunt style island where you hunt down items for Zeus who then turns on you. The end battle with Zeus is rather difficult, but I liked the Percy Jackson vibes. This island earns a 8/10 as well.

Skullduggery: This island is often known as the most difficult of all of Poptropica. It took 4 newspaper staff members besides myself:  Andrew Zimlich, Mason Bishop, Cannon Yarborough, and Zach Wallace-Wright. Time-wise, it took me around 4 hours to complete. Not only is this island difficult, but rather boring as you just have to trade until you get the best ship. I give this island a 4/10.

Steamworks:  The concept of this island is rather unique, everyone is missing and it is your job to uncover the rest of the Poptropicans. It is a a little creepy too which I appreciate. The end game is a little difficult and you may need to draft some extra help, but no spoilers. I give this island a 7/10, could be better.

Great Pumpkin: As a big Peanuts comic fan I loved this island. Your Poptropican and Snoopy even battle the Red Baron. How cute!!! It was a little short for an island and wasn’t very difficult, but the concept was very cute. This island earns a 6.7/10.

Cryptids: This is additionally one of my favorite islands. It is educational and very fun. You travel around the world trying to prove the existence of various myths like Bigfoot. Good vibes on this island, and very wholesome. This island earns a 10/10 in my books.

Wild West: I kind of hate this island not going to lie. It is tedious and I am just not the biggest fan of horses.  The whole gold rush storyline got lost in this island. I think Poptropica tried TOO hard on this island. I give it a 5/10.

Wimpy Wonderland:  The better of the two Wimpy kid islands. I am a big fan of the Wimpy Kid series so I enjoyed this island. However the lack of color made it a little big depressing, not going to lie. I give this island a 6/10.  Nothing too special.

Red Dragon:  This island is based off of the Magic Treehouse book series, which is major nostalgia for me. But I did not think that the island did the book series justice. It was not as action packed as expected. The best part was the end where you could be a ninja, other than that it lacked something special. This island earns a 6/10.

Shrink Ray: This is one of the new islands and was a little challenging, but in a good way. This island really made my brain work. The new perspective of being small really changed things up. There was also another classic Poptropica twist. I give it a 7/10.

Mystery Train: This is hands down my favorite Poptropica island ever. It is funny, historical, challenging, and entertaining. What more could you ask for? You act as a detective on a train to the Chicago World Fair and interact with many important figures like Thomas Edison. I learned some stuff and had fun. This island earns a solid 10/10.  

Game Show: This was a little different, and easier than expected. I liked the different game shows you could do with spin offs of Jeopardy and Wipeout. The plot of a robot takeover was also very creative and I enjoyed it. I give this island a 8/10.

Ghost Story: This is probably my second favorite Poptropica island because it is a littler eerie and the story line is interesting, not just an island you can wander through. There also is another classic Poptropican plot twist. Your Poptropicans goal is to prove the existence of different ghosts on the island, similar to Cryptids island. I give this island a 9.98/10.

SOS: This island is not one of my favorites, but I cannot put my finger on why. It is based on the story of the Titanic, and you must go back to rescue the guests left on the ship. I just remembered being stressed out during this island and not enjoying the experience. I give this island a 4/10.

Vampire’s Curse: Another one of my least favorite islands. It seemed to be missing something, it felt kind of put together last minute. The plot was kinda basic, based on Twilight book series. It could have been done a lot better. I give it a 5/10 just because I love Vampires.

Twisted Thicket: This is just frankly a weird island. The plot didn’t really make sense except for the fact that you were trying to save the forest for construction. I love the environment, don’t get me wrong, but it just felt wrong. I didn’t get that warm, fuzzy, Poptropica feeling that I usually get on an island. It earns a 4/10 for me.

Poptropolis Games: This island is one of the newer ones and it was actually very lit. It was based on the Olympic games, and the mini games are very entertaining. You got to compete for your different tribe, which usually isn’t emphasized. Good job on this one Poptropica, it earns a 8/10.

Wimpy Boardwalk: The worst of the two Wimpy kid islands. It just felt like I was running errands the whole time for Greg. But again I do enjoy some Wimpy kid humor myself. I give this island a 5/10, kind of boring and did not knock my socks off.

Lunar Colony : This was an average island, your goal is to save an astronaut who is lost on the moon colony. She is working on a project that involves alien artifacts. Not a very notable island, but still fun. I give this island a  6/10.

Super Villain: This island combines all the previous villians from other islands, and you are actually able to go into their dreams. There is a great classic Poptropican twist at the end as well. This island described in one word is well-rounded. I give it a solid 7/10.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: I would describe this island as cute. Not too challenging and involves one of my favorite childhood stories. I would ask for a bit more difficulty, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. This earns a 7/10 as well.

Zomberry: I love a good zombie theme, so this island was an absolute unit. Nothing too difficult, but the zombie Poptropicans were quite silly. I give it a 8/10.

Night Watch: This island was almost impossible. In order to progress and trigger another event you have to randomly click and enter some stores with no idea, so it took forever. It also was a little bit boring, to be honest with you readers. This island earns a 3/10, sorry fam.

Back lot: This island was meh. You traveled around a studio and ran some errands, nothing too exciting. Driving the golf cart was fun additionally. I give it a 6/10.

Virus Hunter:  This was a very creative concept. You have to enter a Poptropican body and kill a virus. It did make me a little squeamish. It was a newer island as well so you got a HD view of the body. I give it a 8/10.

Mocktropica: I like like like like this island, but I didn’t love it. It was what the kids call ‘trippy’. The Poptropica writers did a good job on this island. We even got to see what the headquarters of Poptropica might look like. It earns a 9/10 from me.

Monster Carnival: This island was kinda all over the place. I think a simple Carnival island would be enough. Poptropica might have taken it a bit far. In the end it did get a little bit cultish. I give it a 5/10, there really was potential there.

Survival: This was the first of the episode islands to be released. Essentially you crash land and have to survive and make it back to civilization. I like the beginning where you used some survival skills, but the last episodes got a little weird. They probably should have ended it earlier. I give this island series a 6/10.  

Mission Atlantis: Again this is one of the episode islands, and not my favorite. Your goal is to first take pictures of some fish, discover the city of Atlantis, and then finally escape the city. It was kinda all over the place. This island series earns a 5/10.

PoptropiCON:  One of the better episode islands, it follows a theme of Comic Con and uses the customizer tool quite often. The last episode really was a plot twist, like holy moly Poptropica. I give it a 7/10, good stuff.

Arabian Nights:  Personally I think this is the best of the episode islands. You follow some thieves in the desert and end up capturing a genie. I liked the vibe and it was really good content. I give it a 9/10.

Galactic Dogs: Not a big fan of these sponsored islands, although the Wimpy Kid islands were decent. It was kind of a knock off of Astro Knights. I felt like Poptropica really only did this for the money. This island earns a 3/10.

Mystery of the Map: This island was relatively fun, I enjoyed the Viking theme, which hasn’t been done before. But I am not that big of a Poptropica fan to have read the graphic novel that this was based off of. This island is a 6/10.

Timmy Failure: Similar to Galactic Dogs, this island was sponsored and I didn’t really get the theme at all. It was very boring to complete and I felt sad afterwards. I give it a 2/10.

Escape from Pelican Rock: This was probably my third favorite island. It was fun to complete even though it did take some patience to complete. The other Poptropicans in the prison with you were very funny as well. I give this island a 9/10.

Legendary Swords: I did not feel like this island was finished? It literally took me about 10 minutes to complete, you basically just hit robots with your sword. Not much to it. It earns about a 4/10.

Monkey Wrench: This is just the training island so not much to it really. You just learn how Poptropica works. So I’ll give it a solid 5/10.

I hope this list will save you some precious time when choosing what Poptropica island to indulge in.