Haikus of the Raptor: An Anthology

Haikus about and for the raptor community.


The cover of this anthology.

Haikus of the Raptor: An Anthology


Trap Puckette

We’ve never spoken

I think he’s dating Liza

He has got her trapped



I yearn for days past

When you were still here with us

Before the fire


Soap dispensers

I crave your innards

Yet you have nothing to give

You leave me dirty


Ean Tucker

We used to be friends

But now you are President

Hope you’re doing well


Ms. Pinckney

A true enigma

Similar to Big Brother

She is watching you


Hand Dryer

Your loud scream haunts me

Your heat lingers when you’re gone

Paper towels win


Summer reading

Looming darkness waits

Filled with all those cryptic words

What do they all mean?


Thesis (RIP)

You’re now defeated

We have ended your evil

1-9, your demise


Parking Lot

Endless confusion

The exit, a taunting stare

Wish we could escape


Sullivan Lant

She drives me to school

Satanic music, she plays

Haters gonna hate



I know not her name

She nervously looks around

Wow, she knows too much


Mrs. Roop

Some call her crazy

It’s a fitting description

She’s Poseidon’s wife


Señora Colón

Unrelenting force

She knows she cannot be stopped

Wear your ID’s please


Kate Kuisel

Lizard Queen Quizlet

She possesses the knowledge

Lover of Elon


AJ Whiteman

Boy, you may be shocked

It’s your name in The Talon

Cherish this moment


Senior Lounge

This is holy ground

Offering our salvation

Granted far too late


Early Out

A gift from the Lord

This beautiful privilege

Nap time starts early


AP Spanish

Confused, empty words

They all fall on your deaf ears

Pero, yo hablo



I,  your prisoner

You hold me hostage, I cry

Please just let me go!


Rachel Maile

We cry out mama

Mama Maile flies from her nest

She provides, we take

I’m getting ‘we cry out mama’ tattooed on my bicep.

— Rachel Maile


We wait, without breath

For you, time’s a suggestion

We cry, while you laugh


Shabih Jafri

Not our president

He’s our God, son of Odin

Bring him his nectar


The Talon

Some call it gospel

Much better than LA Times

Life changing writing



You laugh, senseless pain

Students howl in misery

SAT’s = racist



Green hue, inviting

A rush as my pencil fills

With you, I’m happy



Something we all know

Brought on by this cursed place

Graduation’s soon


Water Fountain

Our fountain of life

Without you, we would be lost

You save us all, amen


Broken AC

Unforgiving heat

I pray for your clemency

My prayers ignored


Marine Science

Field trips abundant

Great reviews before our tests

We all love Ms. Roop


Fish Tank Next to Me in Marine

Your rushing water

Sound that drowns out all others

The tears falling down

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