Cody Ko and Noel Miller: Gods Among Men

An in-depth review and ranking of the best YouTubers around


The Gods of Content Creation

Since the dawn of time, man has sought to understand the world around us. Some looked to the heavens and worshipped the Gods of Legend, others wrote books and believed in a singular being who created the World. However, all of these people are incorrect. The intellectuals among you have likely realized that the true rulers of Earth……are YouTube Content Creators. Of this elite group of social warriors, two have risen above the rest to YouTube supremacy: Cody Ko and Noel Miller. Beginning their careers as humble Vine stars, these visionaries have made it their goal to bring joy and happiness to the world. To truly understand their contribution to society I will provide you with a detailed list, offering the best of what our Champions have produced. Buckle up.

10. THAT’S CRINGE: you

This video is one of the latest posts from this comedic juggernaut. In this installment they comment on one of the hottest topics of the time: Privileged millennials attempting to sound profound. From their discussion of Whole Foods to smoothie bowls this video will leave you cringing and crying as our two heroes dig into the two delusional lovers and their entire lifestyle.

9. THAT’S CRINGE: Jake Paul Edition

Simply put, Jake Paul sucks, and there is no way to see it more clearly than by watching this video. In this episode Cody and Noel watch and comment on how this clout chasing moron attempts to be funny and relatable. This video also comes with a cringe warning as parts of it are not suitable for young viewers or the elderly.

8. THAT’S CRINGE: Girl Defined (Part 2)

In their second round of cringing to Girl Defined Ministries Cody and Noel get to take a peak into the more personal lives of their feminine opposites. Once again we get to see the misguided sisters attempt to bring knowledge to the young girls of the Internet, only to contradict themselves and come off as sounding stupid and ignorant. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

7. THAT’S CRINGE: Ajit Pai Edition

Ajit Pai came into a lot of heat on social media after last years repeal of Net Neutrality. Almost instinctively, the Gods of Internet content creation hopped on the train. They deliver a clever and insightful roast of the human punching bag and leave their loyal viewers LOLing.

6. THAT’S CRINGE: Jake Paul Teacher Diss

Once again we find Jake Paul as the butt of the joke. In this case, much like the first, he is very deserving of the shaming. After he drops a diss track about teachers, a teacher responds with a diss track of his own. Overlords Cody and Noel take the time to dissect both tracks and declare a victor. Very much worth a watch.

5. THAT’S CRINGE: Epic Morning Routine

Now we get into the top 5. These are some of Cody and Noel’s greatest achievements to date. At number 5 we have their video discussing Dre Drexler and his “Epic Morning Routine”. The commentary on his video is top notch as they discover the true purpose behind the video while also exposing how stupid this guy is.

4. All of the “We Play the Love Island Game” series

For those who are unfamiliar with the hit reality show “Love Island”, it is a British reality show about sexy singles inside a luxury villa looking for love or maybe just a good time ;). Needless to say, the phone version of the show captures all the best aspects. In this series (found on Noel’s channel) Cody and Noel create a player and enter the villa (virtually). There they partake in a little grafting and crack on with some of the other Islanders.

3. Who took the L – Mark McGrath vs. Kid

Ahh what’s better than watching sports or maybe even a movie? Watching a grown man scream and yell at a child who called him a mean name. Classic. In this video Cody and Noel try to decide whether the grown man or the teenager is the winner of their battle of wits outside of a night club. Nothing like some childish antics and a celebrity saying fart to get the audience chuckling.

2. THAT’S CRINGE: Vape Hotbox

Now many of you can probably relate to the premise of this video. Our heroes stumble upon a video of some kids sitting in a car……vaping. Nice. Though what makes this video gold is just how seriously these kids take their art (vaping). Some controversy surrounded this video as it was removed for a short period of time. However, the Gods of Content Creation took pity upon us mortals and fought to get the video back on the Internet. Do not take this second chance for granted. Watch the video.

1. THAT’S CRINGE: Girl DefinedĀ 

Finally we have reached the top of the list. At number 1 we have the dynamic duo’s first encounter with Girl Defined Ministries. This video is pure gold as Cody and Noel rip apart these girls’ opinions and advice, exposing them for their dangerous messages. While other fans of the Gods may have a different choice for number 1, I gave it to this video specifically for the reason that I have not laughed harder than I did the first time I watched this video.

Now some of you may think that perhaps my descriptions did not make these videos seem too tempting. But what you must remember is that I am tasked with describing humor that isn’t exactly school appropriate in a school appropriate manner. So you are just going to have to trust me take the risk. I will warn you that your productivity will decrease significantly, but school isn’t nearly as important as happiness and joy.

For those who have already seen these videos or maybe just want more Cody and Noel, I recommend you check out their Podcast and their mixtapes. Both can be found on Spotify or YouTube under the name “Tiny Meat Gang”. Essentially these are ways to help you get your fix until our Saviors bless us with more content.