Unique Amazon Products to Try

Your mom's credit card will never see it coming.

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Unique Amazon Products to Try


This "tongue" brush can be used to form a special bond with your cat.

This "tongue" brush can be used to form a special bond with your cat.

This "tongue" brush can be used to form a special bond with your cat.

If you’re looking for some simple, relatively inexpensive items to spice up your life, this is the definitive list:


Price: $6.55.

Nicholas Cage Pillow

Need a quick cure for insomnia?  You are sure to get a good night’s sleep resting on this ray of sunshine.




Price: $5.98 for five.

Tiny Hand Set

Each of these tiny hands is able to fit onto one finger of your actual hand.  Instead of 5 fingers per hand, you can have 25 and assert dominance over those with less.




Price: $14.99. Also available in extra large with wounds.

Practice Suture Kit

You never know when you might have to perform an unexpected surgery – why not utilize your free time practicing with this suture kit?





Price: $4.89

Instant Underpants

To be honest, I don’t really know what this one is, but it showed up on a list of highly recommended eccentric Amazon products.






Image result for amazon ladybugs

Live Ladybugs

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking Gee, I’m running short on my collection of live ladybugs, well then you’re in luck because this handy little packet can be shipped straight to your house.





Image result for cheetos socks

Flaming Hot Cheetos Socks

Because you can catch flies with honey, but you can catch more honeys being fly.





Image result for tongue brush for cats

Licki Brush

Achieve an almost spiritual connection with your cat by using this innovative “tongue” to groom your furry friend.





Image result for 8 lb bag of cereal marshmallows

Eight Pounds of Marshmallows

Let’s say the average person weighs 150 pounds.  If they eat all of these, exactly 5.3% of their body will consist of entirely marshmallows.






Image result for gigantic gummy python

Giant Gummy Snake

This product is highly suggested over eating a giant actual snake.





Image result for yodeling pickle

Yodeling Pickle

Don’t ask questions.  Just buy it.

What the [flip].”

— Jared Lipton








Image result for jellyfish air plants

Air Plant Flying Jellyfish School

These little plants are very aesthetic and perfect for a college dorm.





Image result for light up shower head

Light-Up Shower Head

Turn an ordinary shower into a rave with this light-up shower head.

This light-up shower head has the potential to be seizure-inducing, but I still love it.”

— Natalie Aversano







Image result for watermelon crossbody bag

Watermelon Crossbody Bag

If you’re planning to backpack across Europe, this is the perfect bag for you.  It deceives pick-pocketers as they believe it is an actual watermelon.






Image result for grass flip flops

Grass Flip Flops

These flops are revolutionary.”

— Christian Louboutin

It turns out you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort – with these bad boys you can have both.





I wish you all the best of luck in your shopping endeavors.

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