What Happens in the Senior Lounge

Seniors only. Respect it.


From the first day you set foot in Magnet, every student dreams of one thing: Gaining access to the Senior Lounge. Fully furnished with comfy chairs and couches, the Senior Lounge is the perfect place to escape the tyrannical teachers who are constantly trying to assign you work. However, all the teachers know that once you have access to this beautiful room, productivity decreases by a minimum of 112%. Today we will be discussing some of the activities that take place in this den of mysticism.


At this point in time, the majority of the senior class has been accepted to some sort of college. Knowing that in a few months you’ll finally be graduating and moving forward in your life makes it very difficult to focus and put in effort in classes. This is why a large portion of the Senior class likes to spend their free time in the Lounge, catching up in their studies. While it may seem to the naked eye like there is nothing getting done, in reality, there might be something school related that is being discussed. Maybe.

I actually prefer to stay in class. The teachers are my friends.

— Sam Maher


This school takes a physical toll on us as students. Most of the people I associate with get around 2-5 hours of sleep per week. Though a large percentage of this deprivation is self inflicted through Netflix and DM sliding it is still a major crisis. For this reason, us Seniors need the sweet release of a nap at least once a day. It would be a crime against ourselves if we didn’t take advantage of the luxurious black couches and oddly shaped chairs that are readily available in order to rest our minds and bodies for another grueling day of schooling.


Imagine for a moment that you have a test or essay due next period that you are not nearly prepared for. You could skip school that day, however you sacrifice a full day of knowledge and end up one step closer to SEAT TIME, the sworn enemy of Seniors. Rather than taking such a dangerous step towards the hoodlum lifestyle, you could simply hide from from your responsibilities in the safe haven that is the Senior Lounge. Whether this takes form through slouching down into one of the tall chairs or taking the more effective route of bunkering down in the pyramid, the Lounge offers yet another escape from the painful realities of responsibility and effort.

I keep blankets in my locker for when it gets chilly in the lounge

— Natalie Aversano

Now the most important message to take from this article is this: Underclassmen stay out. It doesn’t matter if you think your classes are too hard or if you think you are above the law. You have not earned it. Wait for your time like the rest of us had to. The Lounge is a right of passage, not some room with comfy chairs that you can walk into willy-nilly like thinking you’re a “cool cat”.  So please refrain from invading our space unless you are granted permission by a Senior who is in the Lounge. And for my fellow Seniors I prompt you to not take for granted the number of days we have left with the Lounge. Be more like Natalie. She will lead us to the promised land.