Exploring the Weird and Wacky World of SCPs

Secure. Contain. Protect.

SCPs are a collection of urban myths collected on the SCP Foundation website. They can be objects, creatures or even locations. SCP itself stands for Secure, Contain, Protect and the individuals stories are referred to by their number. There are currently almost 5,000 of these stories, presented as a case file with a description of the SCP and of experiments that have been done to understand the nature of these contained anomalies. There are a wide variety of SCPs ranging from the corpse of a space whale that emits disturbing radio transmissions in four different languages, to a medieval plague doctor who kills and then reanimates humans and animals in an attempt to cure them of “The Pestilence”. One of my personal favorites is SCP-3008, an Ikea that sends customers to a different dimension once they enter. Inside, trapped customers have formed a civilization, with towns such as “Checkout” and “Exchange”. The Ikea is staffed by strange, faceless humanoids dressed as staff members who are docile during the day, but attack humans at night. Another story, about SCP-1459, detailed an empty claw machine with only a microphone and a red button on the outside. The phrase “win a cookie” is written on the outside of the machine. Upon pressing the red button the claw will reach into a hidden compartment and produce a puppy, usually of the users preferred breed. The user is supposed to dictate a way of killing the puppy into the microphone. If the user does not give a valid response within 15 seconds, an arm appears from the top of the machine and bludgeons the puppy to death. No form of murder can be repeated. Upon successfully ordering a puppy’s execution, a cookie is dispensed, in the users least preferred flavor. Only one option has been found to spare the puppy’s life. Instead the claw gives the puppy a treat, a pat on the head, and then returns it to wherever it came from. The claw then produces a kitten and kills it. While most of the SCP’s are morbid, some can be more tame such as SCP-067, an artists pen that when held by a person, takes control of a persons arm and creates a detailed biography of that persons life, or SCP-005 which is a key that can open any lock. The complete SCP collection can be found here.

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