What’s Arriving (and leaving) from Netflix this December

Learn more about the upcoming and leaving movies and shows on Netflix

From the arrival of Avengers: Infinity War to the sad departure of Disney’s Moana, Netflix plans to make some additions of original series and withdrawals of classics this December.

Netflix has made a goal to produce more original series since the success of shows such as Stranger Things and Black Mirror. This upcoming month, some promising original movies and shows will join Netflix.

New Original Movies and Shows:

Sandra Bullock stars in ‘Bird Box’, a post-apocalyptic film coming December 21
  • Bird Box (coming Dec. 21): This post-apocalyptic story follows a mother (Sandra Bullock) and her two children seeking safety from an unseen force that has destroyed part of the human race. They must journey blind-folded because anyone who comes face to face with the mysterious entity will die.
  • Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (Dec. 7): This interpretation of the classic tale of The Jungle Book focuses on the dark side of Mowgli’s (Rohan Chand) survival in the jungle. Christian Bale plays his panther friend, Bagheera, while other stars including Cate Blanchett and Benedict Cumberbatch play the enemies that Mowgli comes across.
The revamped animated series ‘Watership Down’ premieres on Christmas
  • Dumplin’ (Dec. 7): This film follows the story of Willowdean (Danielle Macdonald), a plus sized teenager hoping to follow in the footsteps of her pageant queen mother. The movie will include performances by Jennifer Aniston and Dove Cameron to name a few, and Dolly Parton will provide the music for the film.
  • The American Meme (Dec. 7): The success and backlash of being an internet sensation is what this documentary hopes to show the world. Several internet-famous people including Paris Hilton, DJ Khaled, and Hailey Baldwin share their stories with fame.
  • Ellen Degeneres: Relatable (Dec. 18): We’ve seen her on our TV screens with her daily talk show, but Ellen goes back to her roots as a stand-up comedian with this Netflix special. It’s been 15 years since her last comedy special, and Degeneres sealed the deal with Netflix to show off her stand-up skills again.
  • Watership Down (Dec. 25): This new adaptation of the classic book and movie turns the story of a group of rabbits into an animated mini-series. The classic novel includes themes of survival and temptation, and this adventure-based series will include James McAvoy and John Boyega as voice actors.

Returning Original Series:

Sabrina Spellman returns in a holiday special of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale (Dec. 14): This original series graced our screens in October, and Sabrina Spellman returns for a “Winter Solstice” special.
  • Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas (Dec. 7): While awaiting Season 2 for this animated series, a one-episode holiday special hopes to follow up on the story of Kaaz Kaan played by Jaden Smith.
  • Fuller House (Dec. 14): Coming up on nearly a year since Season 3 of this series, Season 4 will finally arrive on the 14th and will continue to follow the story of the beloved Tanner family.

Tons of new originals will be arriving this month, and other big-name movies will also join the list of films on Netflix. In case you missed out on one of the most talked about Marvel films, Avengers: Infinity War will arrive on Christmas Day. Other films including The Big Lebowski (Dec. 1) and The Theory of Everything (Dec. 16) will also be added on. If you prefer documentaries, Netflix will also include Michael Jackson’s This is It (Dec. 10) and Blue Planet II: Season 1 (Dec. 3) in their December movies.

Disney’s Moana will unfortunately be leaving December 20

While many exciting movies are coming, we have to say goodbye to many others. Children’s movies including nearly all of the Air Bud and Buddies movies and three of the Tinkerbell films will leave on December 4th. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Dec. 25), Troy (Dec. 31), Groundhog Day (Dec. 1), Spider-man 3 (Dec. 1), and Stephen King’s Children of the Corn (Dec. 1) are also planned to leave Netflix. Some of the more popular films that will no longer be apart of the Netflix family include Trolls (Dec. 7) and Disney’s Moana (Dec. 20), two movies that will definitely be hard to leave behind. Certainly Netflix’s most infamous removal will be Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (Dec. 17), but luckily the company hasn’t made the decision to take down our queen Raini Rodriguez who sings in the third edition of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua series.

In conclusion, December will bring in a lot of new content with Netflix original shows and movies, but of course there will be a moment of silence for the fallen soldiers of this streaming service.