Powderpuff, Post-PSAT: a Magnet Tradition

For the second straight year, the Class of 2015 won Powderpuff.  The seniors and the juniors squared off in the first game, resulting in a two-touchdown win by the seniors.  Choral Linhart and Becca Bosch scored rushing touchdowns to put the seniors in the championship game.  The second game was a matchup between freshmen and the sophomores, which resulted in a tie and a head-to-head rock, paper, scissors game.  The sophomores were victorious, which led to a spot in the championship game.  During the games, the manleaders, who were wearing the cheerleaders’ uniforms, cheered for their grade and attempted cartwheels and splits.  Before the championship game started, the manleaders formed tunnels for the girls to run through, and the coaches gave their players last minute advice.  The seniors received the ball first in the championship game, which led to a few short runs, and a long pass to Becca Bosch.  However, the seniors did not score a touchdown, so the sophomores took a turn on offense.  The sophomores also had a few short runs and an attempted long pass that was broken up by Colleen Christensen.  The seniors got the ball back a few yards away from the end zone which led to a game-winning touchdown by Lilly Schweickhardt.  The senior class celebrated the win by storming the field and chanting 1-5 or Die.

C. Mason Proctor