Opinions on Voting

Magnet Seniors give a hot take on their first voting experience


Voters wait to elect their representatives

As most of you know this past Tuesday was the midterm Election Day. This meant that many of our raptor brothers and sisters were hitting the polls for the first time in their lives. For those who were 18 and registered to vote, this was their first chance to cast their opinion towards our elected leaders.

How did you feel after submitting your vote?

It felt kind of strange that I could actually have a voice in government now, but it was a good feeling. – Josh Cumins

I felt great. It was exciting – Savannah Wray

I felt powerful because I had a sticker – Rachel Maile

I thoroughly contemplated moving to a communist country

— Rachel Maile

What was your overall opinion of the voting process?

My particular precinct did not have a super long line (it was only like 30 minutes of waiting), and it was pretty much what I was expecting. I liked how the guy gave me 2 voting stickers because he saw it was my first time voting :0 – Josh Cumins

I though it was really efficient, I didn’t have to wait at all because I voted at a retirement home and there was no one there – Savannah Wray

I had to wait in line for almost three hours and while I was waiting I thoroughly contemplated moving to a  communist country where I don’t have to worry about voting – Rachel Maile

Did you feel like you were making a difference by voting?

After the results of the elections for Congress came out I did feel like my vote actually mattered since the margin of victory was pretty small. – Josh Cumins

After the results come back yes, but during I didn’t know whether or not I was making a difference – Savannah Wray

Ooh, well everyone I voted for won and I think it was solely because of me – Rachel Maile

What changes would you make to the voting process?

I would make sure that the different candidates running for lesser known roles in smaller government bodies (like school board, etc.) were better presented and elaborated. Also, in the party identifier section they had Republican, Democrat, Green Party, and other parties, but I think they should add “Independent” in there. – Josh Cumins

I don’t know – Savannah Wray

Ooh maybe shorter lines, more music – Rachel Maile

However, not everyone who was able to got involved in the voting this past Tuesday. Some of our seniors were either unable to make it to the polls or simply chose not to vote.

What factors lead to you not voting?

I had a very busy day and had not paid attention to the candidates or their issues throughout the last few months. – Max Windom

I saw the line….. – Liza Allen

I did not register in time – Ethan Fewell

I enjoyed voting

— Shabih Jafri

Do you think voting is important?

Yes it is extremely vital. – Max Windom

Of course, it is the key to American democracy. – Liza Allen

Yes it is very important – Ethan Fewell

Do you feel your vote would have made an impact?

I believe voting is like the “butterfly effect” where your vote doesn’t particularly matter but your act of voting can influence others around you to vote which could snowball into a whole new crowd at the polls.   – Max Windom

Yes, I think every vote counts, especially in the midterm elections. – Liza Allen

Every vote counts – Ethan Fewell

Do you foresee yourself voting in the next major election?

Yes I definitely will. – Max Windom

For sure. – Liza Allen

Indeed – Ethan Fewell

Whether you were able to vote or not for this past election, you should know that your vote matters. It is your right and duty as an American citizen to cast you vote towards our elected officials. So don’t be like Ethan. Get out and vote next time.