Halloween Movie Review

WARNING: Spoilers!

Micheal Myers, our iconic villain, looking creepy as ever

Micheal Myers, our iconic villain, looking creepy as ever

At least 12 casualties: Smashed skulls, ripped out teeth, peeled faces, a man lurking in a mask… It was a pleasant Friday evening when we decided to venture to the Terrace Theater and see Halloween. Directed by David Gordon Green and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, this mystery/”slasher” kept us on the edge of our seats, cringing at the gore and anxiously anticipating the next slaughter. The movie is also full of a literary device we like to call dramatic irony. For example, when Dana, a female podcast producer, ominously visits a creepy gas station restroom alone, we see Michael in the background, clad in his classic murder uniform that is all too familiar to fans of the Halloween series. Naturally, Michael murders nearly everyone in sight, working his way to the restroom where the naive Dana is. We know the murder is coming, she does not, and as Michael enters the stall the theater let out a conglomeration of “noo!!!!”, “Get out!” and “ohhhhhhh,” for we all knew Dana’s fate.

Halloween is teeming with these foreboding and startling scenes, and to be honest, the movie is more gore and blood than scare. As the movie progresses, it becomes very predictable as to who will be killed and who will survive.

Halloween is teeming with these foreboding and startling scenes”

In addition, we have some ideas about a potential 12th movie in the Halloween Franchise (yes, there are 12 currently movies following Michael Myers’ lethal campaign). At the end of the movie after Queen Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter trap Michael Myers in a basement inferno, daughter Allyson rides in the back of a police truck, and the movie ends with a haunting zoomed in shot of Allyson carrying a bloody knife. Seems like some foreshadowing to me! Will Allyson become a deranged serial killer out for blood having experienced the trauma of Michael Myers’ murderous rampage? We can see the title now: Halloween 12: The Year of ALLYSON.

Regardless, we enjoyed seeing the movie, and as local Charlestonians we recognized several of the scenes including the Hampton Park neighborhood downtown, the Citadel, and several places around North Charleston. And, rumor has it several of the costumes came from your neighborhood year round Halloween Store, Hokus Pokus!  Of course another highlight was seeing a familiar face! Mrs. Benton’s husband, Charlie Benton, played Officer Phillips, who had a monologue on his peanut butter and jelly banh mi sandwich. Unfortunately, it was probably the last thing he ate because he was !SPOILER! murdered soon after and left for dead in his cop car.

As a Charleston local, this is a must-see for scary movie fanatics and wimps alike. Honestly, you can handle a little gore, and the movie is the talk of the town! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!