Top 10 Films for Spooky Scorpio Season

10. Filth

Rated R | Comedy, Drama / Thriller

To say that this film is an emotional rollercoaster ride would be an understatement. The protagonist, Bruce Robertson, skillfully portrayed by James McAvoy, battles vivid hallucinations and toxic medication as he fruitlessly attempts to separate reality from fantasy. As Scorpios are known to possess a darker (sometimes sinister) side, this movie accurately captures exactly that. I would highly recommend this movie for those who are interested in disturbing, dark humor, and who aren’t afraid to watch confusing films, such as Inception.

Personal Rating: 6/10


9. Playing It Cool

Rated R | Romantic Comedy

Scorpios are also defined by their passionate (perhaps even hedonistic) approach to life aspirations. Chris Evans, the film’s narrator, is an aspiring screenwriter tasked with writing a romantic comedy. The catch? He’s never been in love before, and has only maintained brief, physical relationships with women. Until he meets a mysterious woman at a fundraiser. Another catch? She turns out to be engaged. The protagonist embodies the passionate perseverance of Scorpios as he “fights for love” and refuses to give up. Filled with witty banter, and touching emotional connections, this film is PERFECT for those who need a good cry, or those who wish to examine the human condition.

Personal Rating: 7/10


8. Coraline

Rated PG | Fantasy Thriller

I KNOW you know what this is. It may be scary, maybe even disturbing, but it is a classic, and it accurately fits the Halloween mood, and subsequently, the aura of Scorpio Season.

Personal Rating: 8/10


7. Stanford Prison Experiment

Rated R | Drama / Thriller

While Playing It Cool might delve into the romantic aspect of human nature, this film examines the psychological desire of individuals to assert dominance and destruction upon their peers. Based on a true experiment in 1971, the movie artistically captures the disturbing deterioration of mental health and illuminates the darker side of peoples’ minds. Because Scorpios are associated with a drive for power and control, Stanford Prison Experiment certainly fits the bill. (Plus, if you ever take AP Psych, you might win some brownie points from Stackhouse.)

Personal Rating: 7.5/10


6. Gone Girl

Rated R | Drama / Mystery

Scorpios are infamous for their crafty manipulation skills. Who would be a better Scorpio role model than Amy Dunne (portrayed by Rosamund Pike)? Through calculated fabrications and insertion of evidence, Amy successfully frames her distant husband for her murder. This film is twisted, suspenseful, and perfect for those interested in meticulous crime.

Personal Rating: 9/10


5. Zodiac

Rated R | Mystery / Crime

During Ted Cruz’s race for the 2016 presidency, the Internet exploded with comparisons to the infamous Zodiac Killer in California. As a serial killer who had never been convicted, let alone revealed, this murderous figure received a surplus of attention and investigations. This film, featuring big names such as Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Jake Gyllenhaal, is accurately based on key components of the Zodiac Killer investigation. Filled with moments of suspense and uneasiness, this movie perfectly captures the mysterious and dark aspect of the Scorpio persona.

Personal Rating: 10/10


4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Rated PG-13 | Romantic Comedy

Romance. The Scorpio staple. This film sets itself apart from other rom coms because it centers on the harmless manipulation of others and the hidden agendas of individuals. Coincidentally, these features also explain why How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days is a great movie pertaining to Scorpio season. Containing loads of romantic moments, as well as meaningful connections, this movie easily enables you to spend the next 90 minutes comparing your love life to fictional characters, which is EXACTLY what Scorpios often do in their free time.

Personal Rating: 9/10


3. Seven

Rated R | Drama / Mystery

Once more, we stumble upon a movie based on the investigation of a serial killer. While Zodiac focuses on the dark, twisted mind of a murderer, Seven ranks slightly higher in “Scorpio-esque” qualities. Why? The killer in this film directly targets those guilty of the seven deadly sins, and punishes them in ways unique to their perceived misdeed. Just like Scorpios, this film exudes a dark mystique with a disturbing twist. So ominous!

Personal Rating: 8/10


2. The Shining

Rated R | Psychological Horror

You know.

Personal Rating: 10/10


1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Rated R | Action / Sci-Fi

This film overflows with intense action, deception, and sensuality. Tom Hardy successfully commands the action within the plot. Despite being a Virgo himself, Hardy’s character is the pure embodiment of a Scorpio. He’s mysterious, bold, magnetizing, and incredibly intuitive. This movie follows the cat-and-mouse chase between escaped maiden women and an oppressive overlord, filled with a surplus of fire and violence. Setting a distressed and robust scene for the film, the deconstructed, primal society conveys a dystopian/post-apocalyptic atmosphere and, subsequently, draws the audience in, much like most Scorpio individuals! I would highly recommend this to just about anyone. Fair disclaimer: it is slightly gruesome, but that’s what makes it fun.

Personal Rating: 11/10