15 Costumes to Pumpkin-Spice up Your Halloween

Halloween is approaching so consider these suggestions for costumes


Whether it be the thrill of disguising yourself behind a mask or simply putting on a different outfit in order to meet the requirements to get free candy from strangers, Halloween costumes are essential to the night (or day) of October 31st. As high schoolers, we may feel as if dressing up on this holiday seems childish or embarrassing, but it’s pretty difficult to pass down the one day of the year where the neighbor your family’s been ignoring will give you a Snicker’s bar. If you feel uncomfortable traipsing your neighborhood in costume, you can always enjoy wearing a decorative outfit at home while passing out candy to kids.

This professional list of costumes will hopefully inspire you to celebrate this beloved holiday.

  1. Thanos

Note: wearing this costume could potentially get you beat up by superhero fans.  This outfit will take some effort to put together, but luckily many department stores sell costumes of this big-chinned destroyer of worlds. If you don’t feel like buying an expensive costume, you can buy a Thanos mask for only $10 at Target that will most likely get the message across that you’re trying to portray the most hated Marvel character of all time.

  1. Michael Myers
*Halloween theme plays*

In honor of the new Halloween movie filmed in Charleston, dressing up as this slasher character would be perfect for October 31st. Besides the famous Myers mask, this killer wears all black, an easy outfit to acquire if you’re on a budget. Stores such as Party City also sell the iconic mask for around $25.

  1. JoJo Siwa

She’s only 15 years old, but she already has an extremely recognizable image. All you need is a big bow (if you want to be authentic, then you can go to literally any Walmart and find a JoJo brand bow), clashing neon or sparkly clothing, and high top shoes. Oh, and don’t forget to to pull your hair into a high ponytail so tight that you’ll change your hairline completely.

  1. Flo from Progressive
You could save hundreds on car insurance

Want to dress as someone that anyone will recognize? The world’s favorite insurance figure, Flo, makes a good choice for this category. Wear all white (including an apron), a dark brown wig, and blue headband to fully embody this perky insurance promoting mascot.

  1. Edna Mode
No capes

It’s highly likely that you’ll run into several families dressed as the super group known as the Incredibles, but you can represent the real icon of this Pixar film by dressing up as Edna Mode. If you’re vertically challenged, you’re already at an advantage for this costume, and all you need is a perfectly cut black bob, huge glasses, and a stylish outfit to complete this look.

  1. Kahoot
4-5 people can work together to form this group costume

Need some ideas for a group costume? Look no further because you and three to four other friends can become the fan-favorite game of public schools this Halloween. The 4 primary shapes of the game are the red triangle, the blue rhombus, the yellow circle, and the green square. Each friend can dress as a shape, and if you want to fully recreate this internet sensation, then another friend can dress as the logo so strangers will be able to understand your costume.

9.Violet Beauregarde

You’re turning violet, Violet

Before becoming a blueberry, this gum chewing kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory went through a crazy transformation that inspired makeup artists to come up with this costume. If you’re into makeup, this could be the perfect outfit for you, and all you need is a blue tracksuit, blonde bob, and bubblegum to become Violet Beauregarde.

  1. Holden Caulfield

Want to make your AP Lang teacher proud of you although you make/made consistent 6’s on essays? This moody main character of Catcher in the Rye has a recognizable appearance that you can shop for without spending too much money. A red hunting cap along with a little baby powder in your hair to recreate his early aging is all you really need to complete the look. A broken record adds a nice touch if you want to go the extra mile.

  1. Gabe’s Lady Gaga Costume
In case you can’t read my-my-my poker face

Anyone who has watched The Office has probably already dressed as Three-Hole Punch Jim or mimicked Dwight’s odd clothing choice, but it’s time to break from the norm with this underrated and creepy costume from the show. A bleach blond wig, poorly applied makeup, and a dark outfit makes up this truly horrifying costume. Forget Michael Myers, this is the real fright of Halloween.

  1. Flashback Mary
Hi sisters

Everyone who has seen this picture of James Charles has most likely seen him in the corner of their room while having sleep paralysis. His ghostly appearance is not difficult to recreate if you simply slather your face in white foundation or face paint and red lipstick. Glasses and an Adidas hat also help to bring this spooky look together.

  1. Coraline

This movie definitely qualifies as the one children’s movie that probably shouldn’t have been promoted to young viewers. We’ve all had nightmares about button eyes at one point, so let’s bring our nightmares to life with this costume. Luckily, it’s fairly cheap to make this outfit since all you need is a yellow raincoat and boots along with a pair of jeans. Blue hair with barrettes adds an extra touch of detail if you want to embody this characters.

  1. “I Love It”

Kanye West and Lil Pump truly inspired a nation with the release of this music video that includes life-changing lyrics and elaborate outfits. Any high schooler can feel like they’re in this music video by placing themselves in a cardboard box and pulling a brown colored sweater over it. Overall, just make sure you stay appropriate with this costume.

  1. Ghost

This simple yet iconic Halloween costume is a staple of the holiday. For the procrastinators, simply putting a white sheet over your head is all it takes to complete this costume. Another advantage is that you can feel fully disguised from other trick or treaters in case you happen to feel embarrassed going out to get candy when you’re 15-18 years old.

  1. Fortnite
Where we droppin boys

You can interpret this any way you want to.

  1. Sonic