Cross Country Team Goes Mudding

Magnet’s cross country team got down and dirty at their last race.


Girls Cross Country team getting hyped before the start

The Magnet cross country team rose very early the Saturday morning of September 29th for their 2nd race of the season on Johns Island. As they arrived to the race, it began to rain and pour a lot. The race officials simply told all runners to wait in their cars and buses until passed. A half an hour passed and the ground was saturated with mud. Massive puddles awaited to soak the teams new running kicks. The races would go on as planned. At this race, cross country was just mudding for humans.

Both JV and Varsity girls ran together due to lost time, making for a packed starting line. The gun went off and the girls ran straight into a mess of water right in the middle of  the race. The course was straight through the woods, mud covering much of the trail. In running, it is better to run straight through the mud rather than go around the edges, making the course longer. So the girls, got down and dirty in the mud to finish the race.

Start of the Girls Race

“Showering after that race was very satisfying”-Rachel Walmet, senior.


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Showering after that race was very satisfying

— Rachel Walmet

“I did not appreciate the people besides me splashing me”-Gabby Mochizuki, senior

“It felt like I was swimming”-Sallie Limehouse, senior

Sallie Limehouse obviously enjoying her race

“It was a slow course but everytime I got bored I just focused on the pool of water in my shoes. What helped me the most was Sophia Discolo following directly in a puddle”-Lesesne Early, junior

Lesesne Early powering through the mud with a fierce look on her face

The girls team coach, Hooffstetter, said “We went from rain, lighting, and delays to heat, humidity and mud. Our girls ran well in spite of rough course conditions.”

The boys race began quickly after the girls. Most of the mud was smushed and slippery. However, the fearless boys varsity was not afraid of getting dirty as well.

“It was dirty, but we did it for that sweet, sweet nectar”- Andrew de Arellano, junior. Nectar in this context translates to success.

“Although the race didn’t go as planned, our team is now completely business only and will make a comeback next meet.”-Lyle Johnson, senior.

“It was wet and sloppy, which is usually how I like my races among other things.”-Jake Thayer, junior

“Muddy conditions may have slowed our times but my spirit was full of nectar.” -Evan Daniels, junior

Personally, as I am captain of the girls team, I loved the mud and enjoyed getting dirty. The cross country team has state on November 4th, in Columbia. Be sure to come watch us run around outside.

Me enjoying the beautiful weather