An Insider Take on the New Halloween Movie

Local actor has AMHS ties


Halloween, an upcoming 2018 movie, is the 11th installment of the Halloween series. The 2018 version is a direct sequel to the 1978 version by the same name. Charlie Benton, our own Mrs. Benton’s husband, is “co-starring” with Jamie Lee Curtis in the new Halloween movie. In real life Mr. Benton is a Detective with the North Charleston Police Department and a Task Force Officer with the ATF.

We  interviewed Mrs. Benton to find out what it was really like.

  1. What role does your husband play in the Halloween Movie?

He plays Officer Phillips, a patrol cop assigned to security detail at the house of the main characters.

  1. Did you get a chance to go on set and see him?

Unfortunately, I did not. Most of his scenes were filmed at night–like, the middle of the night!!–and I had to sleep because I was working here. 🙂 I did have a chance to go on set for some of the refilming this summer, but it was, again, at night, and we were out of town on a family vacation. So, for both reasons, I declined. His dad went with him this summer and said it was awesome. I did, though, get to see tons of very cool top secret pictures from on set. Insider’s tip: If you go to Charlie’s IMDB page, you can see a great spoiler photo of him.

  1. Has your husband acted in any other films?

Nope! He originally submitted his name, stats, and photo for a spot as an extra, but then he got a call back to audition for a speaking part. It was crazy!

  1. Have you seen the original Halloween movie? Where you scared when you first saw it (If you were young)?

I only saw the original movie after he got his part in the new one. No, it wasn’t scary for the most part, but I see how it could be perceived as scary for sure, especially during its original release date.

Btw, Ms. Shifflette LOVES the original Halloween movie.

  1. Who do you think is scarier; Michael Myers, or Freddy Krueger?

Michael Myers!!!!

The Talon also has an exclusive report from an anonymous (but corroborated) source who was able to go on the set of the Halloween movie.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to go on the set of movie, which they were shooting only two blocks from my house. It was late at night, but half of the street was lit up with Halloween decorations and the street was crowded with people moving lights and setting up the scene. It was odd to see the decorations up in the middle of January. Extras dressed in Halloween costumes hovered around a snack tent. There was a massive light rig which towered over the trees and shined down on the houses. I met members of many different crews, working on things such as lighting, electrics, costuming, and set design, not to mention the pair of police cars parked at the ends of the street they were shooting on. People communicated in hushed tones on walkie-talkies and earpieces as managers, producers, and directors ordered people around. Once they had the scene set up, they had stand ins for the actors so the director could decide if anything needed to be changed. They made various small changes until he was satisfied, all of the chatter of the various crews silenced. The actors did several cuts of their scene and I shortly left. 

Halloween is officially released October, 19th, however, there are special 7:00 pm showings at the Town Center Theater in Mount Pleasant on Wednesday and Thursday.

For an official trailer: