Best Meals From Fast Food Deals

In order to help y’all figure out where you can eat the most for the cheapest next time the munchies call, we’ve compiled a list of the best fast food deals this side of the galaxy.

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Best Meals From Fast Food Deals

Taco Bell is good for the heart, but bad for the heart also

Taco Bell is good for the heart, but bad for the heart also

Taco Bell is good for the heart, but bad for the heart also

Taco Bell is good for the heart, but bad for the heart also

As fellow teenagers with less than $100 in our bank accounts, Thomas and I understand the problems you readers face when deciding where to eat. Some of you guys might think that eating fast food is “bad for small business” or “destructive to your internal organs and lifestyle,” but to that we say pshhhhhhh; just live a little. In order to help y’all figure out where you can eat the most for the cheapest next time the munchies call, we’ve compiled a list of the best fast food deals this side of the galaxy.

1. Wendy’s 4 for $4

This is by far the best fast food deal that has ever existed, both on this planet and all others. For only $4, you get 4 chicken nuggets, a sandwich/burger of your choice, fries and a drink, which can be upgraded to a frosty for only 50 cents. When the original idea of the 4 for $4 was proposed to Wendy’s owner Dave Thomas, he was so excited that he actually went into heart failure. While Dave may not be with us today (RIP Dave), the deal lives on, allowing us to continually fill our stomachs with the ambrosia of the fast food gods.

“The Wendy’s 4 for $4 saved my marriage. It can save your’s too!””

— Jack Niesse

2. Taco Bell $5 Big Box

Taco Bell is the poor man’s Land of Milk and Honey, as it offers a variety of foods at very cheap prices. While your toilet might not thank you, your body will if you take full advantage of the $5 Big Box. The wondrous power combo of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, a Burrito Supreme, Nachos, a Crunchy Taco and a Baja Blast will leave you needing a new pair of pants and possibly some new arteries. All health concerns aside, this is too good of a deal to pass up, so head into your local Taco Bell and make your wildest dreams come true.

3. Arby’s $1 Happy Hour

As far as underrated fast food restaurants go, Arby’s is probably at the top of my list. In general, they have so many options from absolutely loaded sandwiches to delectable desserts. But at Happy Hour during every day, from approximately 2-5 in the afternoon, Arby’s offers one of the best deals you can get your clammy hands on. Their $1 menu is stocked full with all the different types of the best thing they offer on their menu: The $1 sliders. From the classic roast beef to the slightly ambitious pizza flavored slider that will make an Italian’s knees weak, you can not go wrong with this choice of hand sized sammies.

4. Cookout $5 Tray

Cookout is the fastest up and coming restaurant in the South, and if its food was as high quality as Wendy’s, this deal would be at the top of the list. However, with a loaded meal deal like this one it’s easy to get past the unknown nature of your food. The greatest part about the $5 Tray is its versatility, as you can get 4 completely different foods or 2 of the exact same sandwich with a couple sides. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that there are more Cookout Tray combinations than there are actual colors. So drive on in and whip up your own little box of delight.

5. Sonic ½ Price Shakes after 8PM

The deal Sonic offers is slightly different than that of the others aforementioned, however its societal impact and taste-bud-pleasingness are not lacking. If Sonic is known for anything, its their vast assortment of shakes. As Andre 3000 once said, they are indeed cooler than a polar bear’s toenails, and taste like if ice, milk, and Ryan Gosling had a strange love child. While personally I prefer the Master Blasts, you can choose from any of the multiple styles of shakes available. These shakes are guaranteed to simultaneously freeze your internal organs while leaving your external organs extremely hot and bothered.

6. McPick 2 for $5

For a time it seemed as though McDonald’s was an untouchable deity above all else in the fast food game. One of the founding fathers of the empire that is fast food, McDonald’s has slightly dropped off over the past couple of years, while other companies such as Wendy’s or Taco Bell have gained followers. That being said, McDonald’s is still McDonalds and while their food never has nor ever will be the greatest quality, the McPick 2 is one of the best attempts at offering some high quality meals for a cheap price. The Big Mac, Double Quarter Pounder, Grilled or Chicken Sandwiches, and 10-piece chicken nuggets all appear on this select menu. It is more than enough to fill up almost anyone, and for a more than reasonable price. While not the best deal, the McPick 2 is worth checking out.

7. Subway $5 Foot Long

This one is tricky for me to write about. The $5 Foot Long is one of the longest running marketing strategies I can think of. And at one point the entire country was singing those super catchy 5, 5 dollar, 5 dollar foot looonnnggg commercials. But that being said this deal is not even close to as popular or appealing as it once was. Subway has not just stumbled in its once dominance, it has almost completely fallen off the map. So I think its fair to put it at the seven spot.

8. Little Caesars Hot n’ Ready $5 Pizza

If you’re having a party and are looking for an easy way to feed everyone, just place a quick call to your closest Little Caesars. There is no guarantee that the pizza will be top-notch, but it’ll at least fill you up. Besides, you probably didn’t go to a party just to eat pizza, so it’s no big deal that you don’t love it. It’s not usually too (visibly) greasy, so even the pickiest eater can get past the idea of eating a $5 pizza.

9. Burger King 2 for $6 Mix and Match Whopper

I, Chase Michaelsen, can honestly say that I can count the amount of times I have eaten at a Burger King on one hand. Even though I haven’t ever tried this, the deal looks alright. It is a little on the expensive side, totaling out to $1 more than most of the deals on this list. Contrary to popular belief instilled by Burger King commercials, that creepy king mascot doesn’t come out from behind the counter, so don’t be scared when making your purchase.

10. KFC $5 Fill Ups

KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. That is the extent of what I know about KFC or anything on their menu. I will say I one time walked into a KFC that was conjoined to a Taco Bell and the food didn’t look that bad.


So there you have it, your top ten fast food deals. Go out there and give them a try. Let the flavors squat on your taste buds and them come back and tell us what you think at Click like, comment or subscribe to me and Chase’s writing. Peace


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