The signs and constellations are guiding us to self actualization!
The signs and constellations are guiding us to self actualization!

Weekly Horoscope

Your horoscope for the week of March 25th

March 26, 2018

Hello star gazers! Cheers to another week of prosperous self-actualization. This week you will experience a new awareness and appreciation for all things zen. The Stable Star is moving into orbit this week, so look forward to finding your inner stability!


You are in desperate need of some vitamin D. You’ve been shaded by clouds of negative energy for far too long. Go out to the beach and test the waters for positive vibes. You’ll find yourself flourishing under the glowing rays of happiness and satisfaction. Try cleansing your life of those clouds, whether they be relational or personal clouds. They are holding you back from reaching joy. You deserve better!


You need to set your imagination free this week, Taurus. Liberate all those thoughts that have been causing emotional distress. Also, feel empowered to discuss your ideas openly with others, because this is sure to open doors and opportunities for you. You’re stuck in a box of rationality, so go wild and pack away your analytical side. This week you will be inspired by other abstract minds, such as Salvador Dalí, so go to an art show!


You have acquired enough knowledge to navigate social and personal situations quite well. You are stable emotionally after last week’s pow-wow. Use your newfound self-confidence to establish new goals and strive towards new accomplishments. Explore your adventurous and imaginative sides because they will surely inspire you to maintain a balanced and happy mind. Use your knowledge and awareness to fly into the realm of intuition.


This week may be challenging for you, Cancer. You are struggling emotionally due to an assertive force that has been demanding your attention and energy. This negative force has been draining your naturally carefree spirit. Also, you have been worrying too much about the small stuff, which is surely bound to drive you mad. The stars are begging you to slow things down to a manageable pace and relax. Enjoy the energy of life, rather than the damaging ions of worry and frustration. Let loose!


This is your week to decompress and heal some emotional or mental wounds. You need to communicate more directly with your stable core and stop focusing on the self-destructing distractions of other people. You need to find those internal problems and relinquish them. We suggest that you address your issues yourself, rather than depending on other people to fix them for you. Remember that you come first, Queen!


Your vibes this week may fluctuate, Virgo. You will sporadically alternate between having a vigor for living in the moment and succumbing to the stressors of past grievances. You have to find a balance between these two polar mind sets. Take your past and use these experiences, memories, and mistakes to live a better life right now. Feel the energy of the Stable Star to rediscover your core self.

Although this week may bring feelings of sadness, as memories of birthday celebrations and presents drift on into the distant, don’t fret! Fortunately, the Sun is moving into Aries, invigorating your work, money, and security efforts for the coming month. This week, you’ll be ready to switch into your constructive mind and leave behind all unrealistic ideas you’ve had in the past. You’ll realize that success often comes by tuning back your original idea and making it more realistic. This realization will also bring job success to you, so apply and update your resume! Apply for jobs and get ready for your successful future! The stars are in your favor this week…

This week will bring an outstanding improvement towards your communication and fun side! As an aquarius, you’re all over the place and often have trouble listening to friends stories. But, this week, that will all change and you will gain many friends by displaying your newly improved listening skills. Be careful to be patient and really listen to what others are telling you. Think before you respond, and scale back your emotions, even if it’s challenging. Practicing this important skills will bring you great success, who knows, it may even introduce you to new friends and opportunities.

We’ve all heard the term “spring-cleaning” right? Well this week, that relates to you, Capricorn! This week will make the small details HUGE, including that dust on the top of the cabinet or the toy your brother left in the middle of the living room. So, make sure you leave time in your schedule to get yourself in order. Clean, declutter, tidy up, and finish your chores! This will reduces stress a ten-fold and you’ll be much happier. So get to it, the stars are waiting.

The cold may make you want to stay in hibernation, but it’s spring, Sagittarius! Get out of bed! Get excited! This week is going to bring change. As the Sun shifts to Aries, your festive and flirty personality will come out of its shell. All attention will be on you this week, so take time to glam yourself. Put yourself out there, maybe even join some dating apps, word on the street is that you will be pursued. Don’t wait any longer! Get out there! The Universe is rooting for you!

As spring is coming, and the birds are singing, you’ll be committing to a new and improved healthy lifestyle. You’ll change your eating habits, your sleeping habits, your exercise routine, and even your mind. Get ready to clear your fridge of all ice cream, whipped cream, and cookie dough, and replace it with veggies, fruits, and lean proteins! Switch your fitness routine up and actually go to the gym instead of watching Netflix on the couch! Go to sleep early and maybe try yoga and meditation classes. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you really like it.

Get ready, Libra! This month is for you! This week, you’ll be liberated from all your stress, and your romantic life will sparkle…In the past, you’ve always been really bad at putting your needs first, but this is the week that will stop. Be direct about your feelings, make yourself a priority, and find someone who’s the whole package. This confidence will attract numerous amounts of potential lovers, so be careful, but don’t get too overwhelmed, the cosmos are watching out for you too.

Live prosperously this week and feel encouraged by the power of the stars. Remember to stabilize your core!

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