Looking for a Summer Job?

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Finding a Summer Job

Finding a Summer Job

The rigorous course load at Academic Magnet often does not allow students to maintain part time jobs during the school week. Instead, jobs are taken up during the summer to make up for all the money spent. Granted, summer is a time for fun, doing activities with friends, and spending time in the sun, not worrying about school work. For most this is true, and for others, like seniors, saving money this summer for college is crucial. Here are some potential summer jobs that might work for you!

If you love kids and the outdoors then a camp counselor may be the job for you! Camp counselors are people who will dedicate their time to making sure the campers are safe and having fun! Camps prefer those who make connections with children easily.
Nanny! I nannied three kids under the age of 7 for 2 years and it was definitely an experience. In order to keep kids every day, you really need to love them. Nannying definitely has its perks. You can take them to the aquarium, park, museum, library, camps, swim lessons, the pool, or the beach. All for free because the parents will pay for the activities! If you love kids and don’t mind the occasional baby melt down then you should consider it!

If you enjoy being in the sun and watching people swim for hours then lifeguarding should be at the top of your list! It isn’t a very demanding job but is incredibly important! You have to make sure no kiddos drown!

Retail! If you want discounts in your favorite store, apply! In retail, you can spend your time folding clothes and talking with customers helping them find what they are looking for.

Host/Hostessing/bussing allow you to interact with angry customers but also make tips! This way you make more money than minimum wage! It may be monotonous and boring at times, but hey, remember you want the money.

Of course these are not the only summer jobs available! There’s also a zoo attendant, aquarium worker, ice cream scooper, dog sitter, ropes course facilitator, or pet smart employee. Don’t forget there are always internships available! Although these don’t pay, they serve as a great educational experience. Chances are, the are tons of internships out there in your field of interest.

Jobs can be a hassle though, especially when you’re scheduled to work when events are happening or your friends are going out. Chris Thomasson, Campbell Daffin, Claire Hunt, and Payton Ritter can all attest to this. Campbell Daffin says, “having a job is really beneficial but sometimes it stinks because I have to work when my friends plan an outing”.

**Girls will often see dorm shopping as a summer job! There are so many things to be picked out and color schemes to be decided. You can’t forget to buy these things:

College Dorm Room Essentials

Finding the perfect things require time and pure concentration. Some would classify this as a summer job. Obviously you won’t be paid for this, but you definitely will be spending money.

Anyways, I hope the list at the top gave you a few ideas of jobs if you need one! To the girls dorm room shopping…it’s a job too! Use the checklist so you don’t miss anything!