The signs and constellations are guiding us to self actualization!
The signs and constellations are guiding us to self actualization!

Weekly Horoscope

Your horoscope for the week of March 13th.

March 13, 2018

This is your horoscope for the week of March 13th. As the Pacifist Comet hurdles towards our galaxy this week, feel relieved that the light of peace will shine down on your internal and external struggles with stress and preoccupation. Remember to look to the stars for guidance and inspiration because the cosmos will provide!


Your constant worrying needs to stop! When you’re stressed, your inner zen is completely compromised and your outer beauty shows it. Stress leads to sleep deprivation and some unwanted bags under your eyes. Also, your outward expression and your conversations with others tend to show how tense you are, so take this bit of advice: find inspiration for relaxation through a happy mindset. Just remind yourself that the little inconveniences aren’t going to be the end of the world and your stressful situations will work themselves out with time and patience.


This week you should anticipate an important text. It may be from a family member, a friend, a crush, or a possible employer. Make sure you pay attention to details and be on alert for opportunities to branch out in the realm of communication. You will be stretched out of your normal comfort zone of shy passiveness and you’ll find yourself blooming into an extroverted golden retriever.


You are skilled in the area of articulation. This week people will be attracted by your astounding sense of self and gifted abilities in the art of persuasion. You’ll find your energy waning in the middle of the week when you are pressed to teach your accumulated knowledge to the confused people around you. Don’t be discouraged. You will find your equal. Someone who shares your passions and is able to respond to your wit with similar keenness.


Lately, you haven’t been in the party mood. The stars are begging you to dance, go out, let go. Feel inspired by the dancing lights in the sky that brim with positive vibes and fun energy. You’re seclusion is disrupting your normal fiesta mojo and damaging some relationships. Too much alone time isn’t healthy for your mental stability. Your friends are ready to put on some high heels and hit the town, don’t let them go without you! Go get em’ tiger!


You’re almost completely satisfied with your current position in life, Leo. One of your major goals is about to come to actualization and you’ve checked all the boxes on your “to do” list. However, be sure not to be overconfident. The universe is definitely in your corner, but self-destruction is sure to come your way if you get too overwhelmed with your personal success. To avoid this, just slow down. Don’t rush your dreams, because they will come to view on their own with dedication and inspiration.


You are happy with yourself, Queen! You have finally realized your true beauty and that is going to lead you to ultimate success. Look forward to your responsibilities and relationships flourishing with your newfound self-confidence. On Friday, you will feel the gravity of the Pacifist Comet and you will shine bright in its light. Nobody can knock you down!


Have you been thinking of taking a vacation recently? Well, now’s your chance! This week, you have every reason to jump in a car and set off into the sunset. Word on the street is that those homeward relationships are beginning to call your name. You may be surprised at who you will see. Maybe that boy or girl that you thought got away? Or maybe a long lost friend you haven’t talked to in a few years? I guess the stars will decide…


Great health, wealth, and knowledge…who’s going to deny that? Well this week, each one of those things will come your way, thanks to the wonderful cosmos. However, this week, your romantic life will truly be revived. Unlike others, you long for commitment and for someone who will stand the test of time with you. This week, that person will come and will inspire greatness in you. They will inspire your health and fitness routine, your financial choices, and your mind. How does that present sound???


You have been dreaming of confiding in someone recently, to share your deep and emotional feelings too, and the cosmos have finally decided to grant you that wish. The person who you’ve been dying to find is right in front of you, ready to accept those feelings, and possibly share them. This week is the time to sit down and talk about those feelings, and really dive deep into what you want to share. Who knows, they may open the discussion first.


You are one busy bee, which of course, isn’t out of the norm. You’re constantly running around, stressing yourself out. But for one moment, why not relax and have some pure, untainted fun? Put the world on hold, forget about all of your work, all of your usual chores, and all of the things people have managed to forget or screw up. The universe has ordered you to sit back, relax, grab a Starbucks coffee, and pet a dog.  


This week, someone has persuaded you to discuss the elephant in the room–the topic neither you or your sweetheart have been able to talk about. Although difficult to discuss, the stars are telling you to take advantage of this chance. Take a deep breath, and start at the very start. It may be hard, but both you and your sweetheart know that it will be a huge relief to get this conversation over with. Who knows, it could work out for the best! May the stars be ever in your favor.


Have you ever had that strong feeling or urge that you are psychic. Well, good news, you’re sign is famous for it! So this week, whenever you meet someone new, pay attention to whatever you notice, it may help spark a realization. However, don’t get too distracted by your sign’s other famous characteristic–Love. Both are bound to come your way this week, they could even be via the same person. Be aware.

The universe is on your side this week. Feel the girl power (or boy power), Queens!

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