The signs and constellations are guiding us to self actualization!
The signs and constellations are guiding us to self actualization!

Weekly Horoscope

Looks like it's going to be a week full of positive energy.

January 30, 2018

Our galaxy’s center star concludes its annual tour in the constellations this week. For the next four weeks, our thoughts and emotions will remain high across all geographic fronts. The Aquarius Moon, whose lunar light shines bright on equal treatment for all, will move into circulation in the next few days. We predict this week will encourage positivity and appreciation for everyone’s uniqueness.


This week you’re going to find yourself in a major mood. You’ll convince yourself that your closest friends are trying to take advantage of you. To avoid this you need to remind your conscience of who’s in charge and refuse to let negative thoughts or paranoia take control. But there is good news! Your constellation is moving under the light of the Truth Moon. You are free to ask questions and put your curious mind to work. However, remember to stay in control of your inquisitive inner voice.


This week you’re going to have a ton of good ideas and great opportunities to launch your life in an adventurous, more open minded direction. You’re going to be interactive with your environment and say yes to any opportunity that comes your way. Remember that life is happening and we are living in the here and now, so why say no? The stars are encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone. When in doubt, say yes!


This week you will feel the power of repression. You have something personal that you need to share with your friends, but you have been too worried about their judgements to open up. Don’t fret! Remember that the Aquarius Moon, which celebrates acceptance, is moving into circulation this week. Let this give you the strength to break the news to your friends and we predict they will accept you with open arms.


You and your partner will experience an obstacle this week. Both of you will find yourselves in bad moods and it will be difficult recover. If you feel called by the Pacifist Star, we suggest that you keep in mind what is most important and work towards improving your attitude. But if you feel the heavy gravitational pull of the Mood Comet, you should probably get into a heated argument to release all that bad mojo.


You will feel passionate and fiery this week. Anyone who crosses your path is sure to feel the heat. You will probably overreact in major ways and rebel against authority figures in your life. We suggest that you extinguish your enraged flame and reignite it with the light of the Aquarius Moon. This will provide you with a new attitude that is more open minded, patient, and understanding. Find your zen place!


You’re feeling restless this week and that should be a clear signal to change up your routine and try something new. Clear your schedule this week and be ready to go along with the next opportunity that comes your way. You’re ready for a break from responsibilities and adventure is calling you. We suggest you explore the rainforests and beaches of Madagascar. Get some sun!


Your charming personality will be your best asset this week. You’ll find yourself in a difficult situation. Someone you are close with is unhappy and you have been contemplating confrontation. But don’t worry. You are great at communication and will be able to pull them out of their mood. Start researching the best dad jokes and go bake some cookies for your friend in need!


You have been taking things too seriously and you’re starting to lose your spunk. This week even more responsibilities and challenges will pile on, which will strain your sense of self. The stars are begging you to relax. Stop caring so much about every little thing and go wild this week! But, be careful. You don’t want to act recklessly and damage your friendships. Make sure you let your friends and family know how much you appreciate them.


You worked really hard last week to make more time for your social life and you resolved many of your responsibilities. Good news! This week you will be rewarded. You earned a friendcation! We suggest you and your best buds pack up the car and take a road trip to Yellowstone National Park. Out in the wild you will experience zen and unearth a deeper perspective regarding relaxation. You will return from your trip and you’ll be able to breathe again. You will do life at a slower pace, making more time for yoga and friends.


This week you have to make a difficult decision with your partner. You are conflicted and there doesn’t seem to be a resolution in sight. You want to get closer to them and work through your issues, yet you are also ready to sever the relationship completely. This is a challenging time, but we suggest you find an answer under the light of the Virgo Moon. The Virgo Moon is approaching the gravity of our galaxy’s center star and it is bringing logical perspective and understanding.


You are going to be extra impatient this week. Instead of waiting for your time to shine, you’re going to sprint under the limelight. Some people may be surprised by your rash decision making and some judgements may be pointed in your direction. However, one of your friends is going to need your help this week. Your help will need to be in the form of dedication, support, and patience. You’ll have to get your attitude together for your friend in need. We suggest you lay off the caffeine.


We sense that you’re getting a bit tired of long conversations that have the potential to reveal your true feelings. You already wear your heart on your sleeve and people need to be satisfied with that. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions because you’re a free spirit. You’re awesome. Take this week to have a little fun, don’t worry about the small stuff.

Let the cosmos guide you and your decisions this week. Keep in mind the Aquarius moon and follow its light. Happy star gazing my friends!

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