Chapter One: Rossi Rich’s Debut Album

Telling stories like Eminem while using modern flows of artists like A Boogie Wit A Hoodie and Pnb Rock, Rossi Rich has created a sound unique to his own.

Chapter One: Rossi Richs Debut Album

Telling stories like Eminem while using modern flows of artists like A Boogie Wit A Hoodie and Pnb Rock, Rossi Rich has created a sound unique to his own. A South Jersey native originally from Swedesboro, Rossi emerged onto the music scene with his single “Young King” off his EP “College Confessions.” After relocating to Charleston, SC Rossi opened for the Maybach Music Group artist Wale. Following his performance, a local independent label DMC Records signed Rossi and announced the production of his Debut Album “Chapter One.”

Released in January of 2018,”Chapter One” is a concept album that connects the stories of Rossi’s childhood with his recent travels. The first single off his album, Medic, was available early and gained a strong following.

Whether it’s family tribulations, overcoming anxiety/depression, or a behind the scenes upbeat recap of the college life styles, Rossi puts it all into his music. Rossi Rich is without a doubt an artist to watch for 2018 and “Chapter One” is soon to blow up and be his biggest hit. 

We will walk you through the four songs which stand out the most and give our opinions, thoughts, and predictions on what is sure to be a bright future for Rossi Rich.


His third biggest song at the moment according to spotify premium, “Medic”, was posted less than a month ago and has grossed nearly 2,000 listens. Released as a single, the song allowed a sneak peak into his debut album, “Chapter One”. This song also has a a music video produced by AMHS alum, Liam Rowley, with almost 4,000 views and over 100 likes. This song is soon to blow up onto a national stage. Anyone who would like to can check out the “Medic” video right here:  

“Jackie Rob”:

Starting off with a long melodious harmony which is unlike Rossi. This whole song shows off a tamer side of Rossi with a softer singing voice unlike his usual Kevin Gates Esque rapping style.  He discusses how,” he changed the game like Jackie Robinson”. He uses an analogy of how he played a brutal game of football and he took hits, but never gave up and never “fumbled”. That analogy talks about the struggle of his life. He took hits and was under a lot of fire, but always stayed on his feet. This song may not be his best according to spotify, but it really shows off his vocals. This song is my personal favorite as it really dives right into his real life below the surface.

“Thistledowne Ct.”:

Kicking off with a bubbly intro fused with the common heavy bass-influenced beat which Rossi utilizes so often, Thistledown Ct. is possibly Rossi Rich’s most well rounded song.  Originally released as the second single, Thistledowne Ct. centers heavily on his home environment. Issues with his mom and having to move out his house at a young age are prominent topics, as they are in many of his songs. Showcasing his vocal skills and witty wordplay, Thistledowne Ct. is my personal favorite and possibly his best track so far, as shown by it having the most listens of his songs on Spotify.


Full of clever one liners and exuding with confidence, Amphetadream is a calm, slow track which allows Rossi to flow smoothly over the guitar sample and hard bass flares and create a laid back persona. The line, “I barely beat the buzzer like Kemba as a husky” is probably my favorite punch line I’ve heard him use so far. Without much of a deeper meaning, “Amphetadream is nothing more than Rossi simply having fun on the mic, almost coming off as a freestyle. The lead track off of Chapter One shows a ton of potential for the Philly born rapper.