Weekly Horoscope


Happy 2018 fellow astrology lovers! Mercury is in retrograde until February 11th. Don’t be alarmed, this does not mean all communication, technology, travel, commerce, and planning will implode. It’ll just slow down. The best way to handle retrograde energy is maintain flexibility and patience.


This week you will experience a self-transformation. The retrograde season will allow you to slow down and reorganize your thoughts. Maybe you will find this zen through yoga, therapy, or meditation. We suggest you try aromatherapy and spend some time outside. This is your week!


This week is not looking good. You better watch your back because you will experience emotional trauma like never before. However, do not give up. Your friends will be a net of encouragement and support for when you fall. If things get too hard, grab your favorite ice cream and watch The Notebook.


You may think you have all the friends you need, given your popularity, but this week,  you’re going to reconnect with a friend from the past. This could spark a great opportunity, such as an amazing career or scholarship. You’ll find motivation and encouragement throughout the week.


Don’t be discouraged. Accomplishment takes some time. Soon you will hear back from your top choice college and you will feel overwhelmingly happy. Keep an open mind about your insecurities because time will prevail!


You’re going to Asia!! This week you will experience travel and philosophy. Your mind will be opened to the world and you will gain a deeper perspective on life. Your state of mind will allow you to align properly with your goals. Look forward to your new insight.


You will feel defeated this week. You will make mistakes and say things that will leave you feeling vulnerable. Your relationships will be tested and you will experience constant warfare. Work towards finding a resolution and some sort of understanding.


You will try to hide your emotions this week and it will result in negative body language. We recommend you try cheering up by keeping busy with friends. Maybe try a new hobby and become immersed in a new field. May your effective time management skills lead to a better life.


This week you will come down with a cold. You may want to rush to the doctor. But don’t! Try home remedies and rest. Salt lamps and Vicks Vapor Rub work wonders. Your mojo will be back as soon as you’re healed.


You need to balance work and pleasure this week. You might be spending a little too much time on your studies and stressing over college. You’re so focused that you’re excluding your family and friends. Take some “you time” and schedule some friend dates.


This week you will need to accept that acceptance is key. You will learn to swallow your pride and heal broken relationships. Don’t take things too personally and be more open minded about other people’s opinions. Look forward to gaining a new perspective this week!


You will jump to conclusions this week. This may have negative impacts on your relationships. So, slow down and think things through. Pay close attention to your dreams because they may provide insight. You will experience healing and closure as the week comes to an end.


You are in financial turmoil. Your bank account is rapidly declining and you may be at a loss. However! Don’t fret! Good fortune is coming your way! Keep pursuing your passions and stay focused and it’ll be over before you know it.

May the power of the universe be in your favor this week. Good luck star lovers!