Christmas Ornaments

Season’s Greetings

Christmas Ornaments

This Christmas, decorate your Christmas tree with these cute and fun Christmas themed ornaments!

Mini Sleds

1. For this project, collect seven Popsicle sticks for each sled.

2. Paint five of them bright red or white and two of them dark brown.

3. Glue four of the white sticks together, making sure that the two Popsicle sticks in the middle are glued a little higher than the outside sticks.

4. Turn the two brown Popsicle sticks on their sides and glue the bottom of the left outside stick to the side of the brown stick. Repeat on the other side. Make sure that when you glue the white sticks to the brown sticks, you glue them in the middle of the brown sticks.

5. Now, take the fifth white stick and glue horizontally across both brown sticks. Glue bells to the top.

6. Cut a piece of 4 inch rope and glue one side to the bottom of the horizontal white Popsicle stick. Repeat on the other side.

Snow Globe Ornament

1. Buy a cone shaped, clear light bulb and unscrew the top. Remove everything from the inside.

2. Get a small fake christmas tree, and glue it to the bottom of the light bulb.

3. Get fake snow and fill it up to your liking.

4. Screw the top back on and tie a rope to the top.

Scrabble Tile Ornament

1. Get the Scrabble tiles “L” “E” “T” “I” “T” “S” “N” “O” “W”

2. Glue the sides of “L” and “E” together. Then glue the side of the “E” to the “T”

3. Glue the “I” and the “T” together and glue tops to the bottom of “LET”. Make sure you center it.

4. Glue “S” to the “N”, then the “N” to the “O”, then the “O” to the “W”

5. Glue the top of “SNOW” to the bottom of  “IT”. Center the “N” and “O” tiles with the “I” and “T” tiles

6. Glue some fake snow to the sides of the ornament.

7. Glue 5 inches of rope behind the beginning of letter “I” and attach the other end to the end of letter